J. Thomas

J. Thomas

 Vacaville, California, USA
SoloChristianAdult Contemporary

J. Thomas' music is packed with spirit filled messages, always giving God the glory and never forgetting to tell His story. The rythmn will make you want to rock, the lyrics will constantly remind you that Jesus is the Rock. You will hear the passion in his voice.


J. Thomas has a particular soothing style that is hard to ignore. His voice is like an angel and his R & B sound is groovalcious.
- Gilli Moon
President of Songsalive Inc.

This was written about the eldest child of Reverend & Evangelist Braden, whom was born and raised in Northern California and has been singing in church functions since the age of six. Being raised in that environment enabled him to learn valuable lessons. Lessons concerning faith, drive, and vision; and how you must give God your all in everything you do in His Name.
Singing has always been his passion which drives him. Be it in local churches, auditorium events or caf/ coffeehouses, J. Thomas with his Jeffrey Osborne/ Brian McKnight tone, can either electrify or soothe an audience with renditions sung from his soul. Though his music would be considered to be in the contemporary gospel genre; it can be appreciated by all music lovers.
In 2003 after singing with his family group, The Braden Family, for seven years, he embarked into somewhat of a solo endeavor; releasing the first of his two c.ds Just to Bless. I say Somewhat meaning that even though hes singing by himself, spiritually hes accompanied by Jesus and The Holy Spirit whom both makes the experience a trio presentation. In October 2007, with the release of his second project entitled Fragrance of a Rose, he declares a life altering lesson learned; we cant make it without Jesus and its all about Him.
Fragrance of a Rose through its diversification can uplift any crowd, no matter ethnicity, genre preference or age. It has also presented him with an opportunity to expand in the form of a band, which is called Millennium. It is within this band where the Lord has placed individuals with different views on Christianity, but the same love for worship. Together they have been given opportunities one after another; friendships established, contacts made and most of all souls have been stirred and touched.
This Pastor, once said," Upon arriving to heaven, if you heard someone singing louder than everyone else, it would be J. Thomas." But I feel were lucky because we dont have to wait to hear him sing, all we have to do is listen. John 15:7


Just a Prayer Away

Written By: J. Thomas

Aren't you tired of crying wasting tears on the same old things, tired of stressing over answer when the questions not clear; aren't you tired of worrying about people whom aren't even there, give it all to the Father; (He says)that's the reason why I'm here

Heaven is just a prayer away
forget about what happened to you yesterday; focus your eyes on eternity and remind yourself that heaven was created for me...

It's all about Jesus

Written By: J. Thomas

It never was about you, not about me, not about her, him; it's all about Jesus; my J-E-S-U-S, sorry if I disappointed you; it neveer was about you

All that I have

Written By: J. Thomas

I now realize, that it all belongs to Him; my eyes, my sight, my ears, my voice are all gifts from Him; you see He bought them all for me by giving His life at Calvary; and all that I have belongs to Him, all that I have belongs to Him.

Missing Hymn

Written By: J. Thomas


And He knows what you've been missing, it's all the things that, used to make you smile, and even though you may have turned your back on Him; He was there for you all the while

Fragrance of a Rose

Written By: J. Thomas

Verse 1:
As I'm here walking, on these roads filled with death; I want know whom shall I fear? the Lord is with me if noone else; He said," The road would be narrow and mighty rough for those that are mine" and all I can do is trust Him at His word and know in my heart that everything will be fine...

Just like the fragrance of a rose, for every yes there is a no, far as the eagle's eyes can see, He always there for me...

Repeat verse + chorus over

(sax instrumental)

chorus repeat

Always.. there for me, there for me
Always.. there for me, there for me

Sprinkle Me

Written By: J. Thomas

Somebody told me, that if I paid my tides no curse will reside, thats what they told me; somebody told me that if I always showed love, that my light will shine bright, enough to light the hill at night,
never will I feel discouraged, there is no curse to speak of, not into no worldly treasures, just focus up above, Lord I don't need it to rain to show me your love, a little mist will do especiallly from you, talkin bout a simple sprinkle from above
Sprinkle me, sprinkle me(3)
fall down me
sprinkle me, sprinkle me(2)
let your blessings fall down on me, on me
Someone else told me, that heaven has many windows, meant for more than looking outside, to pour blessings out right, someone else told me, forgive and forget, or the windows will close cuz your not ready for them yet
repeat chorus

Holy Ghost rub-off

Written By: J. Thomas

There's a new dance craze, written by God's man. written for His people to praise Him throughout the land, it's not that hard to do, it's easier than the running man. and if the little old lady can do it , then I know that you can...
1st thing you do is clap your hands, then you rub off
stomp your feet, do the Holy Ghost rub-off
rock to the beat, then you rub-off
then past the spirit to me, do the Holy Ghost rub off (repeat)
Sounds kind of catchy and it's spreading fast, like a forest fire energizer bunny it will last, not here to get stupid or electric slide, it's all about praising Jesus, that makes this dance alright
(repeat chorus)

Remember Me (The Thief's Story)

Written By: j. Thomas

Luke 23:39-43 (NIV2011)
39 One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us!”
40 But the other criminal rebuked him. “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence?
41 We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.”
42 Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
43 Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

This song investigates how the thief may have felt leading and during his crucifixion on that cross at the place of the Skull (Golgotha). It starts with him mentioning and admitting being a sinner not at all different from any one else; guilty that of a sinner, not of any specific one. And thanks to the Holy Spirit, I was able to put myself in his position and feel what he may have felt from the knowledge of seeing his last sunrise to nearing the end right before the soldiers were tasked to break his knees. In his eleventh hour, he was able to defend the faith, ask for forgiveness, prove his faith and receive salvation.
Remember me when You come into Your kingdom; remember when You talk to Your Father
Tell Him that I know I’m nothing or what He wants me to be; but Master please REMEMBER me

Just Ask (John 15)

Written By: J. Thomas featuring Jamani LeShae

John 15:7 (ASV)
7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatsoever ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

This song is a reminder of a promise God has given to those whom call themselves his children and throughout John 15, he informs us of the things we need to do to step into that said promise. He is the Vine and we are the branches, and as His branches we will bear fruit. Apart from Him the branch cannot bear fruit, it cannot do nothing and will wither. Continually reminding us how important it is for us to remain in His Love; by the keeping of the commandments as He has kept Our Father’s commands. And the understanding of the knowledge of His love inside of us, brings joy and allow that joy to make us complete.
Whatsoever you want, whatsoever you need; if I abide in you and you abide in me just ask…


Hot new single: It's all about Jesus (Fragrance of a Rose c.d.) 1190am "Pray Area Gospel Show",
Title track "Fragrance of a Rose" just picked up by KQSW

Set List

1. Just a Prayer, it's all about Jesus, Missing Hymn, Still, He Chose, I'm yours 30-45min

2. I Love the Lord, God is Watching, Just to say I do, I found Love, Fragrance of a Rose, All that I have, Just to say I do  45min

3. Sprinkle me (w/wo rap), Jamani, Look at Me, Just to Bless, Withholding Nothing, The Lord's Prayer 45min

bold print are cover songs: but other songs exist if no covers are allowed