J Thungstrom and the Pharmarconaut

J Thungstrom and the Pharmarconaut


Honest, emotionally charged, experience driven, and real. Songs about love, loss, pain, and the desire to change. Kinda like Nirvana had sex with QOTSA and a twist of the Toadies/Pixies


My music is the product of over a decade of struggle with drug addiction, biploar disorder, and life in general. Although, it may seem as though my music would lean more towards being depressive and drab..it actually centers more around the feelings that encompass all of us at different stages in life. Being clean now for almost two years, has renewed my interest in completing an EP and creating a unique sound. A sound that emplys steady crunchy guitar riffs with catchy pop hooks, but also a more refined vocal approach than most "rock bands". I am shooting for something like swirling birds of guitar feedback overlayed by the sounds of s whales mating calls deep in the ocean. I know someone out there understands the goal and yes I do think it can be attained. almost like Sonic Youth mixed with the SilverSun Pickups.


none available as of yet

Set List

Feelin Fine
3 Simple Lines
The Gap Song
Sets are normally 30-60 minutes. Covers from artists like QOTSA, Pixies, Gomez, EODM, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, AudioSlave, Beatles and other bands far from the likes of Blink 182 and that kind of bullshit