J Timber

J Timber

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA


J Timber is Greensboro’s best kept secret. Originally from New
York, J Timber moved to Greensboro with his family when he was
young. The Indie-Pop artist has R&B influenced vocals and completed
his debut EP, Self-Titled, through Nascent Republic Records in May
2010. In a seeming fairytale, Joey Barnes of Daughtry fame heard
him playing during a break on the road and was so impressed with
the young musician that he decided to produce J Timber’s first
record. The music video for "Something To Say" is currently being featured
on FUSE ON DEMAND for all of October 2010.
J Timber has been playing around Greensboro, Charlotte, and
Raleigh, and has opened up for local bands as well as national acts
such as Anoop Desai, Coolio and Boys II Men.

Available on iTunes and physical discs through the label website in May,
Self-Titled will have an initial release in Greensboro, followed by a
touring promotion. J Timber will appear on the Fox 8 morning show on
Tuesday, May 25, the same day the record will be available for pre-order
on iTunes.

“Dreams are fragile, must handle with care…” sings J Timber on “Something
to Say.” Since being taken under the wings of a couple of local
established bands, he has been determined to make a name for himself.
They showed him the ropes and he started learning guitar and singing out
wherever he could. With an unwavering passion to create music for a
living, this 22 year old deserves your full attention. Take note and keep
an eye on J Timber… he has something to say, and you’re going to want to


Tea For Two

Written By: J Timber

The sound of laughter running round under the willow, and once we tire we hit the ground and I was your pillow. You speak to me and I agree that we can do nothing wrong, the birds are perched above our heads singing our favorite songs

Nothing to say nothing to do pouring tea for two nothing to hide nothing to hide nothing to prove when its me and you. Wasting away wasting a day. I'm wasted here with you pouring tea for two.

Your eyes arise above the cup pretending to drink it up. This may sound rude but watch your feet cause you're stepping on all my stuff. We're back and forth with all these games and without you it's not the same. Admist a room with all these toys you're bringing me all my joy.

1,2,3 hide and go seek I can hide but you're gonna find me


"Self-Titled" EP