J-Toon & J-Hov

J-Toon & J-Hov

 Carson, California, USA
BandHip Hop

We have been working together nearly a decade, each of us creating music even longer. Our style is unlike any other's and we take extreme pride in our craft. Every lyric, melody, background noise, double, or adlib is purposely placed so the song can reach its full potential everytime, no exception.


I have been making music since childhood. I couldnt afford music equipment so i would have a video camera recording with the lense cap on and radio playing while i rhymed over a beat. I would then transfer the audio to cassette tapes and listen and study them on my way to elementary school to see what i could make better so i could sound like the people on the radio or even better. I record everyday no exceptions. Even if only one song and some freestyle sessions i will always record something! We became a group through some people who used to record at my studio but knew each other before that. I always thought he was better than me and he was a part of their group. I told everyone in my group that im going to get him into our group. Everyone kind of appointed me the leader and the best out of everyone so i wanted to bring in someone who was better than me so i could get better. and my songs would be better because variety is what i want most out of my music. So we started working together and have only gotten better since then.


We have a few tracks on Jango including 1 track with T-Pain from a contest we entered for his website. We have a song called 'Hard Tymez' on itunes and our working on our first official album. We have put together over 20 mixtapes, and have even more loose songs that we recorded and are still making much much more everynight.