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"USO Bound"

I have had the special privilege to not only listen to JTReno and the House of Stone in concert but I also own JTReno's CD. I am also in the military and would love to hear them on a USO tour. I was in Viet Nam and we loved groups like this playing for us. The kind of music they play hits home and to the heart. His mixture of music is the best that I have heard in a long time. If JTRENO and the House of Stone go on tour the troops will love them and want more.

- David Strickland


I have had the special privilege of meeting J.T. Reno during a recent political campaign meeting which featured speaker - Sheriff Joe Arpaio “America's Toughest Sheriff” of Phoenix, Arizona. At that time I was introduced to J.T. Reno. J.T. himself, presented me with a copy of hi s CD titled - Lights of Home. I have listened to this CD and the music, lyrics and momentum behind this band are phenomenal. I have viewed their website and I join in conjunction with their fans; as a firm believer that J.T. Reno and the House of Stone have the talent, fortitude and heart to represent our Country. I look forward to seeing this band perform in person the first chance I get. As a candidate running for Pinal County Sheriff, in Arizona, I would not align myself with just anyone. I truly believe in the character and mission behind J.T. Reno and the House of Stone. - Paul

"letter from Senator Melvin"

Letter of Recommendation from Senator Al Melvin

Captain, USNR (Ret) / Master Mariner
American Quality International Consulting (Ameri-Q.I.C.), LLC
xxxxxx xxxxxx Drive
Phone (520) xxxxxxx Tucson, Arizona 85739-1810 Fax (520) 825-2964
Email: almelvin@wbhsi.net Web: www.ameri-qic.com www.votealmelvin.com

To: USO Nov 4, 2008
Re: JT Reno and the House of Stone USO Tour Application

Dear Sirs:

Please consider this letter an endorsement of JT Reno and the House of Stone’s application to tour with the USO in support of our troops, both overseas and in CONUS.
I met this band during my campaigning efforts for the Arizona State Senate. They have a great performance manner and are enthusiastic about everything they do. I have personally witnessed this band during a recent performance at a local VFW post. During a musical break, I sought them out with the suggestion that they apply for a tour with our troops. Much to my surprise, they informed me that in fact they were in the midst of compiling an application for the USO tour.
It is my belief that these gentlemen are well suited for representing not only the state of Arizona but also the greatest country in the world, which I personally have had the honor of serving during my own 30 year military career. As a Captain, USNR (Ret), I am well aware of just how much a USO tour can boost the morale and efforts of our service members. I stand 100% firmly behind the effort of JT Reno in the mission of supporting the troops with their talents. J.T. Reno and the House of Stone have the qualifications to represent some of the best of America’s homegrown talent in conjunction with true American spirit to execute the tasks required of them.
I know this band would be a great treat for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well on bases and ships around the world. They are very talented and they are ready to go now. I am available at any time to act as a character reference for them. I sincerely hope that you give them the opportunity to entertain our troops.

Best regards,

Al Melvin
Captain, USNR (Ret)
- Senator


"Lights Of Home" 2008
Since I Found You
The Two Inside
Lights Of Home
There Is A Reason
Last Straw
Good Time To Pray
Still Letting Go
Blueberry Blues
Hobo Joe's
Higher N' Higher (Ruthie's Song)
All songs are on Arizona's Pure Country Radio
HowDumDooYa is featured on CD in Europe on Sony/BMG



JT Reno learned the ropes behind the scenes as well as
the excitement of being in front, on center stage, as a band director, back up vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and lead singer. JT had opportunities to tour with Country bands and front bands himself. JT gained valuable experience on the road touring, wearing different hats, which taught him to be well rounded in the nature of this business & the commitment it takes to get the job done, and done right.

JT discovered early on, that his true passion is music.
As a kid in Colorado, JT took guitar lessons from the popular and talented Mel Bay, and he said, “While taking guitar lessons, music spoke to my soul”. You will hear JT’s beautiful, rich tenor voice and hear for yourself how this singer can sing any style of music and sound amazing.

The doors opened for JT, and soon he was introduced to Pete Bordonali, a successful musician and producer. Bordonali is a veteran musician who has played guitar on many major recording sessions, including hit artists like Barbara Striesand, Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers, Lee Greenwood, Barbara Mandrel, and so many others. Pete worked with JT and produced his current “Lights of Home” album at Bayou Studios, in Nashville, TN.

Prior to coming to Nashville, JT was part of a Christian Rock group featuring all original music, in Tucson, Arizona. The music had a message with practical advice for everyday living, inspired by the messages found in the Bible. The music Rocked and was followed by thousands of people weekly! JT moved on to becoming the band director for a new church in Central Tucson where he loved sharing God’s message through contemporary music.

JT had the privilege of singing with his friend and Pastor Toby Newnum, a very talented songwriter, singer and performer. Toby generously offered for JT to use, record, and perform many of his songs. Some of those songs had become the foundation of JT’s “Lights of Home” album." Lights of Home” is a mix of Southern Country Rock, traditional Country, and a couple of R&B songs to add some change to the mix.

While promoting the cd, a Sony/BMG producer in Poland picked up one
of the songs off the album, “Howdumdooya,” and it was distributed in Europe in a CD called "Country Tour 2". JT is featured alongside such greats as Johnny Cash, Lynn Anderson, Willie Nelson!

JT was also invited on a USO tour by the Armed Forces Entertainment Group, and he’s ready to go and share the music across the country!

The Artist Development Network is proud to represent JT Reno,
a dedicated and talented singer and musician!
For more information or for bookings, contact:
Cathy Lemmon (615) 320-0777 Artist Development Network, Inc.