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JT & The Clouds


"Half boogie piano, half Memphis soul, plus another half of folky swing . . .The trick that JT & The Clouds pull off is putting soul into the white roots sound, and being as talented at both sides of the equation." (Americana UK)


JT and the Clouds think of the music they play as soul music, although their definition of "soul" might be a little broader than most music programmers'. If you asked one of them for a good example of a great soul band, you'd be as likely to hear the Stanley Brothers mentioned as you would the Talking Heads, the Band or the Family Stone.

The Clouds have been influenced by a number of musical genres, so it's tempting to start using hyphens when describing their sound. What the Clouds have in common with the bands mentioned above, however, is that ability to take those disparate influences and imprint their own distinct personality on them, where eventually something new, or newish is created.

After releasing their first album, Delilah, in 2002, the Clouds did a good deal of traveling, making friends throughout the country, and into Canada. Delilah was met with a good deal of critical raves, and a growing fan-base in Chicago. Clint Mathis of the west-coast alt-country/roots rag "freight train boogie" called the Clouds "simply one of the best bands to ever emerge from the Americana scene," and the record received favorable reviews and airtime from numerous magazines and radio stations across the country (and in the UK and Canada. See www.jtandtheclouds.com for all press information.)

The touring took time away from recording, however, so the Clouds slowed their playing down to finish their second record. After a long year in the lab, the Clouds are now set to release their independently-produced second disc "the city's hot yeah the city's hot." Recorded at Studio Chicago with Zach Goheen (know for his work with Indy bands Office and My Were They) behind the board, "the city's hot..." is a pressure-cooker of a record, a suite of simultaneous love and hate odes to the city. Haunted harmonies, strange dissonances, soul-shout call and response, hard city beats with faint mountain echoes...they all find their way on to the record, and manage to make perfect sense together.

Beyond anything else - this is a record for Chicago. Targeted for release in early Spring 2007, the Clouds are ready to re-load and take that Chicago sound out to their fans across the country.


Hey Delilah

Written By: Jeremy Lindsay

Hush little baby, now don’t you cry
The blues are gonna leave you by and by
I’m a’come swing low, get you good and high
Off my lovin’

The world’s blowin’ up, man, the world’s in flames
But you ain’t gonna hear it for the sound of your name
Coming off my lips, the soft refrain,
‘Hey Delilah’

As the days go by, turnin’ turnin’
And the smoke from what is burnin’
Drifts out to the sea that’s rollin’ nowhere all the time

Ring around the rosey, oh the tumblin’ walls –
Please stay true to me, baby doll
Then the ticks, the tocks, the typhoons all have no meaning
Honey be the Caddy, I’ll be the sun-beam
Daddy’s gonna make his Cadillac gleam
C’mon, wakeup, fall in to my dream of our great love

No snowflake is ever gonna take
A petal off my rose for winter’s sake
I’m a flame thrower, man, I’m a fiery lake
Of such hot love

Naw, sugar sugar, naw we’re never gonna die
But if we do, then we won’t be alive
To have to sit around and listen to some wise guy
Say ‘I told y’all’

As the days go by….


"Delilah" - 2004 (Dishrag Records)
"the city's hot yeah the city's hot" - projected Spring, 2007

Set List

The Cloud's set list and length can be tailored to either the festival or club environment. In clubs, the band typically plays two sets that range from 45 min. to one hour each. Performances focus on the presentation of Jeremy Lindsay's original material, with a sprinkling of eclectic covers, ranging from Townes Van Zant to Prince, The Band, traditional gospel, and beyond.