J.T. Wright Band

J.T. Wright Band


Roots Rock Americana with a Hot Young Front man surrounded by seasoned pro players with balanced sophisticated blend of Rock and Country with a TX flair. Great for all ages and sounds like a good pair of jeans feels. South East Dirty Rock Meets SUN Records mixed with Texas. Original Project


J.T. is a young man with an old soul. Raised on 60's roots rock and growing up in Texas exposed to some of the best by a music loving family, he studies music and honed his craft from the age of 8. A move to Austin from Lubbock and a chance to work with one of Austin's hottest producers guilded the sound that is both unique and familiar at the same time. Influences run from east to west and south to north while hovering in a small window of late 50's through late 60's. In the 90's the Red Dirt invasion to Texas brought another facet to the sound.
The story is not the selling point. The music speaks for itself and tells its own story.


1 CD being released 1-01-10
Number 9 Cloud.
Drummer Frosty Smith-adds bling to the sound as the sole drummer. Have not yet pursued airplay other than myspace. Wanted to wait until the band sounded as good as the album does. Now they do!

Set List

The sets are 45 minutes and up. The album is 45 minutes so if we have a longer slot we have 45 more minutes of original songs readying for the next album and we do play a vast mix of covers.