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"Moldy (featuring Juakali): GLORY"

Earwax is the sister label to Pinch's Tectonic so you can be sure its inaugural 2008 release will be a good one, and Moldy's Glory (featuring Juakali) doesn't disappoint. Following a stadium-styled concert band flourish, New York denizen Moldy (Ennis Glendon) moves the tune into a snappy dub skank zone. The track then alternates between the lithe vocal acrobatics of Juakali (whose captivating contributions helped make Pinch's Underwater Dancehall one of last year's best releases) and instrumental passages that are given a funereal cast via the somber flow of church organ chords. The accompanying stripped-down instrumental version renders the bass wobble and off-beat guitar stabs more audible and, sans vocals, emphasizes the tune's brooding side even more. - Textura

"Pinch: Underwater Dancehall (Review)"

Juakali, based in Brooklyn, heads New York’s Dub War nights and sings with the dub band Babylon Station. On “Brighter Day”, he is fierce and impassioned, his Jamaican-accented vocals answered now by a chorus of himself, now by an evil blurt of synthetic sound. It’s a fascinating mix of the organic and the electronic, third world heat and post-industrial chill, call-and-response communalism and heads-phones alienation. Juakali performs on three of the album’s ten vocal-embellished cuts, somewhat more conventionally (and less interestingly) on “Gangstaz”, and with an eerie, shout-spoken power on next-to-last “Trauma”. - Pop Matters

"Matty G"

The final plate would have to be our favourite with the tracks featuring vocals from Juakali simply killing it, from the rolling subs on 'Rasta Dem nah run' to the album highlight '80's Crush' with a digi dancehall update with added sub pressure. - The Music Dynasty

"dB in the Park: Don't Feed the Animals"

The live electronic crew Sub Swara experiments with dub and brings it to life lightning-like, shaking under the bass weight and melting multiple genres together in a heady stew, all set off by the energetic style and organic voice of MC Juakali. - Decibel Festival

"Decibel Festival Dubstep Massive"

Adding to the frothy mix are two of the world’s finest MCs, Rod Azlan and Juakali, who bomb-drop their rhymes like agents of peace, spreading positive vibes with each utterance. - Decibel Festival


Tastes like: what a fan of reggae AND electronica would eat up like mama’s cook food

Ingredients: Juakali delivers his follow-up to his Breakground EP of 2008, and his style remains intact, with perfect diction moving at a reasonable pace for unfamiliar ears, yet inna a cultural, rootical and political stylee. This time though, the productions, by the likes of Dave Q, Kush Arora and Forensics, make no excuses in its sometimes harsh, electro-feel and nu funk edge, sharpening this LP for fans that prefer their drum n’ bass, or beats harder and beamed up from the ‘Battle Star Galactica’… - Swagger Lifestyle

"JUAKALI @ Jujubeats w/Bassnectar, Glitch Mob, Z-Trip and more"

Juakali is an MC and lyrical stylist that I first heard perform with Joe Nice at a Smog event at the Echoplex a few weeks ago; he delivers his rhymes with positive vibes and a melodic island-lilt that perfectly complements the dark waves of dubstep bass. With dubstep’s dirty depth, you don’t need heavy, machine-gun delivered death raps that push you towards the floor; much better is the offset of a river of bouncing vocals like Juakali’s, laid over the beats and bassline like a ribbon of hopeful smoke over the low end wobble. Inhale. - DANCEFEVER5000

"Juakali- Foreign Familiar"

A few months after I moved to Los Angeles from Toronto, our good friends at SMOG LA threw one of the most memorable nights that I have had out here. Headlining the night was Dub War NYC front men Joe Nice, Dave Q alongside MC Juakali. Well needless to say that at the time I was a dubstep novice, but I was absolutely blown away.

The following night, I found myself in a car with Juakali on the way home from Bluebeat and as if his presence on the mic wasn’t enough, he was one of the nicest people I have met in music in a really long time. Just genuine positive energy, so I made it a point to keep in touch.

He has just announced the completion of his second studio album. Due for commercial release by Foreign Familiar on March 27, 2009, the album ‘Come From Yard’ solidifies Juakali as the bridge between a new aesthetic in electronic music; one that includes reggae, dancehall, dubstep, and Bhangra.

“My work is the genesis of combined experiences. I am from Trinidad and Trinidad lives in me. But, living in the US and having the opportunity to travel the world means being exposed to a variety of styles and genres. These are the circumstances, which influenced ‘Come From Yard’”. said Juakali.

The (4) four original songs on Come From Yard include an additional four remixes featuring the production styling’s of prior collaborators Kush Arora and Matty G, along with co-resident, Dub War honcho Dave Q among others. The stand-alone track ‘Nah Understand’ features the dub-step production of Toronto’s XI and already has DJs and blogs talking. - Media Contender

"Washes of Sound, Wobbles of Bass"

On Friday night at the nightclub Love, Dub War’s guest D.J.’s were Pinch, from Bristol, one of the most reggae-faithful of dubstep producers, and Mary Anne Hobbs, a British radio D.J. who has been instrumental in bringing the sound to a wide audience. - NYTimes


KUSH ARORA Multiple tracks (2) The Dreadbass Chronicles - KAP 2009
JUAKALI Multiple tracks (8) Come From Yard EP - Foreign Familiar 2009
OTHER WEAPONS Multiple tracks (3) Basis To Break This - Destroy All Concepts 2009
SUB SWARA “The Balance” Coup d’Yah Remixes vol 1 - Low Motion Records 2008
DUB GABRIEL “Mash Out” Anarchy And Alchemy - Destroy All Concepts 2008
MATTY G Multiple tracks (3) Take You Back - Argon 2008.
SUB SWARA Multiple tracks (2) Coup d’Yah - Low Motion Records 2008
MOLDY “Glory” - Earwax 2008
BADAWI “Crows” - ROIR 2008
YELLOW TAIL “Pressure Dem” - Raw Fusion 2007
SIR LARSIE “Darkness” Hail Up EP - Phoenix Upliftment Records 2007
PINCH Multiple tracks (3) Underwater Dancehall - Tectonic 2007
SYNCRO “Everyday b/w New Cycle” - GunJah Records 2007
KUSH ARORA Multiple tracks (5) From Brooklyn To SF - KAP 2007
ALPHA & OMEGA “Rhythm Of Life” City Of Dub - A&O 2006
JUAKALI Multiple tracks (5) Juakali EP- Foreign Familiar 2006
LINELI CONCEPT “Fix Fertig” - Kinder Israels 2006
SYNCRO “Run Babylon” - GunJah Records 2005



Juakali is a Los Angeles resident, Brooklyn transplant and native of Trinidad and Tobago. He has traveled the world in recent years performing, collaborating with cutting-edge artists and igniting audiences in Tokyo, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Karlovy Vary, Dortmund and Mumbai, to name a few. In 2006, following his FIFA World Cup performances, EGO Magazine described Juakali as an artist "on the forefront of the Reggae, Jungle and burgeoning Dubstep scene in the US and around the world."

Juakali is the host of North America’s first and premier dubstep event, Dub War in New York City, reviewed and revered by The New York Times, Frank151 and URB Magazine, among others. He also brings his talent to Sub Swara, a live electronic crew based in New York City that “deals with the most fascinating melt of sound - beats and bass laced with the elemental voice of Juakali...pure heaven.” (Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1).

As an in-demand vocalist, Juakali has appeared on commercial recordings from Alpha & Omega, Raz Mesani, Pinch, Dub Gabriel and others, impressing both industry and audiences with his ability to innovate across dub, reggae, dubstep, dancehall, bhangra, electronic, and experimental genres. This lead to him being featured as one of the top 5 US Ragga MCs who are, “launching careers as artists and producers… pushing dancehall beyond its boundaries…” (Chat Bout, XLR8R Magazine – Issue 118).

His debut solo Extended Play release, Breakground on GunJah Records/Foreign Familiar (Winter 2008), integrated Juakali's fresh international aesthetic by incorporating dub, dubstep, and electronic genres with a blend of contemporary and inventive producers. Come From Yard is his latest Extended Play release on Foreign Familiar (Spring 2009), this time including dancehall in his repertoire along with lyrics clearly expressing dissent and those encouraging gratitude, community, and optimism.