Juan Cantu

Juan Cantu


Juan's music is pop/rock with fusions of latin, R&B, and funk. His influences are Marc Anthony, Jon Secada, Elton John, Patti LaBelle, and Prince. www.juancantu.com


Current Projects
Lead singer in Tarzan Rocks at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Lead singer of Chapter V (see set list below), a Funk/R&B cover band in Orlando.
Currently finishing final mix on 3 song demo of original pop/rock/latin music.
Juan just performed with Michael Andrew of Swingerhead in his hit show "Tribute to Frank Sinatra."

Vegas: Starlight Express, Hot Stuff, Playboy Ecstasy (Reno), Back up vocals for Clint Holmes, The Motown Cafe singer, If you saw EFX in Las Vegas starring Tommy Tune, you could hear Juan singing background vocals on the show track.

Theatre: Poppa, Greaseball, Nintendo in Starlight Express, Benny in Guys And Dolls, Danny in Grease, Kenicke in Grease, Joe in Damn Yankees, Bobby in the Boyfriend, Eddie in The Rocky Horror Show, Lamar in Godspell, Smee in Peter Pan, Soloist Brother in Joseph, Mike in A Chorus Line

Cruise Ships/Theme Parks: NCL's Starward, Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Fiesta Texas (Opryland), Six Flags Astroworld, Six Flags Over Texas,

Opera/Concert: Benoit/Alcindoro in La Boheme at Nevada Opera Theatre, counter tenor in Dixit Dominus at Southwest Early Music Festival

Juan also keeps busy doing demo and jingle sessions for multiple producers in the Orlando area. You might have occasionally spotted him with Caliente Band at Pleasure Island and Bongos. At Pleasure Island, he also performed with top latin signed artists such as India, Bate Q Bate, and El General.

Juan can be heard on Harcourt's Grammar and Math jingles CD available to schools nationwide (see daxmusic.com). He also keeps busy doing demo and jingle sessions for multiple producers in the Orlando area.
Juan loves languages and is fluent in English and Spanish. He also speaks advanced French. Juan has sung in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese.


Confesar Mi Amor

Written By: Juan Cantu

Dia atras dia que yo miro tu rostro
Day after day I see your face

Siento tu alma vibrar
I can feel your soul vibrate

Tus ojos sonriendo, tu manera de ser
Your smiling eyes, the way you move

Pero no, no te puedo confesar mi amor
But no, I can’t confess my love to you

Va llegando el dia que me tengo que ir
The day is arriving that I’ll have to leave

Y romper de mi corazon
And tear from my heart

El pedazo que he guardado por ti
The piece that I have been saving for you

Anhelo que quizas un dia lo sabras
I hope that maybe someday you will know

Pero no, no te puedo confesar mi amor
But no, I can’t confess my love to you

En mis suenos ya te lo dije
In my dreams I’ve already told you

Te confese mi amor
I confessed my love to you
me dijiste que habias esperado sentir mi calor
and you told me that you had been waiting to feel my warmth

Te tomaria de tu mano y te daria un beso dulce
I’d take you by the hand and give you a sweet kiss

Pero por suenos no te puedo confesar mi amor
But through dreams I can’t confess my love to you


Written By: Juan Cantu & Jonathan Barr

I watch the sunset
And touch the ocean
Make a last wish as I think of you
Watching a bottle drifting out to sea
with my one last hope
Will you come back to me?

Fire doesn’t mean to burn
Glass doesn’t mean to cut
Love doesn’t mean break a heart that’s helpless
But how could I have known?
Like the bottle all alone,
You slipped away leaving just the memories of our

Nights Full Of Passion
Hours of Ecstasy
Moments of Pleasure
If you want true love
Not just a fantasy
Then open up your heart and come right back to me

Day doesn’t end the night
Sun doesn’t end the rain
Time doesn’t end the hurt and heal my burning pain
Cause as the night takes hold
Surrounded by the cold
My heart betrays me as I keep on dreamin’ of our


And in the night I’m all alone
I should have seen I should have known
Because the pain that rushes in
As thoughts of you fill me within


Now You're Here

Written By: Juan Cantu

We met that rainy day in May
I was looking for you
my heart hoped you’d be true
Every moment, every tear, every lesson, every cheer
Led to this one moment
Our paths had led us here

And on that rainy day in may
You were looking for me
My heart hoped you’d turn his key
We shared a smile, we shared a glance
Now I want you to dance my dance
This feels like a story book romance

Is this fate? Did I create this?
Doesn’t matter, ‘cause now you’re here
Take my hand, take my love
Here’s our song for you to hear
La, la, la, la, la, la

Somehow I’ll have to let this be
Try not live for you,
please don’t live for me
Let’s take it slow, the seed will grow
And we will see where this will go
Makes me crazy, ‘cause my heart wants to know


I always hoped that I would feel this
I can’t believe my dreams come true



Harcourts Math and Grammar Jingles English and Spanish CD's (Rock/Pop/Latin)

Set List

Nights Full Of Passion
Now You're Here
Confesar Mi Amor
Stay With Me
Come Back To You
Messenger Of Love
Who Were You?
Still A Friend Of Mine
Magic Carpet Ride
Stand Up People
Get Down On It
Ride Wit Me
I'm Coming Out
Got To Be Real
Everlasting Now
Red House
Simple Song
I Like The Way You Move
Simple Song
Can't Hide Love
Welcome (Maxwell)
Let's Stay Together