Juan Dollar

Juan Dollar

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopR&B

True Stories No Script


Juan Dollar was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been rapping for about 8 years but unfortunately very shortly after he started recording was incarcerated for seven years. The loss of his brother and cousin forced him to provide for his family by any means necessary. His trials and tribulations have motivated him even more and now he is back to doing what he loves most which is music. Juan says he writes experiences, about his life making him an author, and his music is the script.

Juan hasn’t wasted anytime since being released. He is CEO and signed to Global Warning Entertainment an independent label. Juan is due to drop his much anticipated debut album in 2011. His very first mixtape was appropriately called MVP and he plans on dropping another one titled Test Drive. He is musically influenced by Jay Z, 2 Pac, R. Kelly and NWA. When asked if he could work with one person who it would be he said Jay Z.

Juan enjoys having a personal relationship with his fans and supporters and feels his music allows fans to feel that through the music. He delivers lyrics that the streets can relate to, hip hop lovers can groove to, and ladies can fall in love to. He hopes to be able to teach others through his music. He is not proud of some of things he has done but he can’t change the past. He is moving on to the next level fulfilling his dreams and using his hardships as a footstool for success.


M.V.P (Most Valuable Product)
lead single- Stuntin Zone