Juan Gaspar

Juan Gaspar


I wish the world to enjoy the moments of pleasure and the secret whisperings of bitter-sweet memories, longings and nostalgia expressed by the energy of nylon strings on the slender waist of the guitar.


Juan Gaspar's first music teacher was violinist Natalia Gudkov a beautiful girl in New York City (perhaps that is why many of his compositions are dedicated to beautiful girls). Juan was seven at the time and studied under her for 4 years; but after hearing Andrés Segovia, he fell in love with the guitar. Back in his home city of Puebla, he enrolled at the local Conservatory and later transfered to the world famous Estudio de Arte Guitarristico in Mexico City, studying under legendary Manuel Lopez Ramos, and graduating in 1979. He has won several national and international competitions including 1st place in the Paracho International Guitar Competition, Mexico´s finest. He has received many honorary distinctions such as being invited to the Seminario de Cultura Mexicana. He has been a member of the Evaluation and Planning Committees of the Department of Culture of Puebla and lectured on Mexican Music in universities and cultural institutions. He has traveled extensively all over Mexico and a few American cities.
He began by including some of his own compositions in his concert programs but is currently performing exclusively his own musical opus in concerts such as the Girona-Costa Brava International Guitar Festival in Spain, the Pa'lo Escrito Composers Festival in Mexico City, The Guitarrisima Puebla Guitar Fest in Puebla, the International Zihua Fest, etc. Short term plans include concerts in Puerto Rico and Budapest (stay tuned for up-dates!)
His music is published in Italy by V. P. Music Media and in the U.S.A. by Clear Note Publications. England's "Classical Guitar Magazine" has published very positive reviews of his musical opus (October 2006 & September 20089.
For more detailed info, please visit www.juangaspar.com


All music

Written By: Juan Gaspar

All of Juan's music is for solo guitar and is purely intrumental. It can be acquired at www.clearnote.net or www.vpmusicmedia.com

El secreto de la paloma

Written By: Juan Gaspar



1. "Festones" CD available at
www.myspace.com/juan_gaspar (Nimbit)
2. "Secretos" CD available at
www.myspace.com/juan_gaspar (Nimbits)
3. "Juan Gaspar, Guitarrista" CD
4. "Juan Gaspar, concertista" CD
5. Mirame (with singer Erik Tirado) CD
6. La Navidad (with Cantores Virreinales Choir) CD
7. Guitarrisima Puebla (anthology) CD
8. Festival Atlixco 2003 (anthology)CD

Set List

Concert program pieces are taken from the following repertoire of my compositions:
4.A mi Nena
5.Suite Bajo los festones de la parroquia
Campanas al alba
Listones y huipiles
La China
La fuente de San Miguel
6.A Regina
Vino con la primavera
Un ángel se la llevó
La flor en la nieve
7.Puebla Series or suite
Toquido (Puebla)
Una tarde en el parque (Mixtla)
El secreto de la paloma (Tlatlauquitepec)
Bicis y patinetas (Zacatlán)
Lydia (Huauchinango)
Recuerdos en el camposanto (Otlaltepec)
Los portales (Zacapoaxtla)
9.Buenos días, Leo
Aire nostálgico
Luz de mis ojos
11. Suite "Estilos" in six movements
12. Studies from 2006
13. Studies from 2007
14. Three Sighs for "Bonita"