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Blessed is the Man (Who Trusts in the Lord)

Written By: Juanima Hiatt

Life is full of uncertainties
You never know what lies ahead
I should entrust each day to the Lord
But I trust my own strength instead
And when the storm breaks, and the wind blows
I merely fight to stay alive
Cuz' life has shown me I gotta stand on my own
And somehow I survive
But Jesus said....

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord
For I am the Rock and I'll never let you go
If you believe in me, then never be afraid
For I'm walking before you
Just trust me and I'll show you the way

Oh, Lord, I oughta know by now
That my pride will only make me fall
How many times have I gone to my knees
Crying tears of surrendering all
But so patiently, You restore me
With Your everperfect love
And with kindness unfailing, You remind me again
Of the hope in my Father above
He said, Remember child....

(Repeat Chorus)

For I am always faithful to provide for your needs
To watch and protect you from the enemy
Take heed to My words and lay your cares in My hands
For I have no greater love than for My children
For my children, remember....

(Repeat Chorus)
Just trust me and I’ll show you the way