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Follow Your Passion! Songs from the heart with a beautifully rich voice. An interesting point is that Juanita has inspired many other people to follow their passion, no matter what age they are. People come up to her and tell her that she inspired them to take up writing, dancing or whatever.


Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Juanita grew up in a very musical family. Celebrations always included singing together with the little ones getting up on chairs singing solo. Make shift stages and microphones were set up so everyone could show off their stuff. Of course the usual hymns learned in church were a part of her early musical development. At 10, Juanita began studying the Royal Conservatory of Music on the piano until the age of 16. She excelled in the program while also taking voice lessons for two years. Once she learned the basic rules of using her gift, she wanted to move on. Juanita spent her teenage years, writing, playing and singing.

In high school Juanita sang at every event possible, and, coming from a very public family, she sang wherever her family was requested to be. Writing political jingles, entering contests, telethons, she would sing anywhere if it would allow her to pursue her dream. At 16, Juanita was asked to join a top touring rock band as a featured keyboardist/vocalist. In order to do this, she attended night school so that she could graduate early from high school. Nervous, scared and being the only girl, she headed out on the road playing the venues ranging from 200 seat clubs to 2000 seat concert halls. This solidified her dream and set her life long passion for rock music in motion. Traveling and recording with this band for a good 8 years, Juanita was exposed to almost every genre of music as she continued to develop her live performance skills. She also got heavily involved in the song writing side of things with the band performing many of her original songs. She discovered that the best way to get your own ideas out was to listen to others, learn, and let everyone’s music be a part of hers.

Juanita was lead singer in a band called White Rock which consisted of members of BTO and Trooper. She became a session singer in the Vancouver studio scene, singing the original demos for songs like "Almost Paradise" (Anne Wilson & Mike Reno).

I like the story of where Juanita is at these days. She had taken time out of her music career to raise three children but when she was in her late thirties she wanted to go back to music fulltime. A certain famous Canadian producer listened to her songs and voice and loved what he heard but did not go further because for him, her age was a factor.

Although this was a difficult time for Juanita she has come to view this situation as a gift that has set her free. She had already been blessed in so many ways in her life that she realized it was time to start giving, particularly with her music. At this point she began to feel even better about her music.

So began a stream of benefit projects. She wrote the theme song for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s gala (Loverboy, Chilliwack) in Vancouver a few years ago and helped raise over $100,000. She wrote a theme song for the Canadian Cancer walkathon and last year recorded a Christmas CD for families and children coping with autism. Earlier this year, Juanita contributed to a compilation CD for the families of Canadian soldiers injured in Afghanistan.

An interesting point is that Juanita has inspired many other people to follow their passion, no matter what age they are. People come up to her and tell her that after reading about what she has done, they decided to take up writing, painting or dancing again. This is the message of the 2007 album, “The Gift”.

Juanita’s fans are amazed by the intensity and incredible energy that she delivers at her live performances. Whether there are 100 or 1000 people, the passion for her music is evident. Sitting behind the grand piano and belting out an emotional ballad or commanding the stage with a high powered rocker, there is an obvious force that takes over her being.

Juanita’s album, “Simple Charades…Unintentional Disclosure”, is about feelings masked deep within, and is disclosed easily through her music. The album was recorded and mixed at one of the top studios in Vancouver and mastered at the world famous Oasis Mastering in Burbank, California. The best of the best were chosen to play on this album…and it took over a year to finish. It shows.


11th Hour

Written By: Juanita- Kelly Breaks

Even your smile…Even your eyes
Even the way you look when we say goodbye
Oh those things you do…I never loved anyone like you

Even your touch….our fingers entwined
Even to feel your heart next to mine
Even your words comfort my fears
Even the way..you… brush away my tears
Oh those things you do….I never loved anyone like you….yeah

At the eleventh hour
Before a new day dawns
Tommorrow comes…where have those moments gone
At the eleventh hour….stay
Believin’ our love remains
One step ahead of yesterday (yesterday yesterday yesterday)

Even the path…we both dare
Even the strength of the voice always there
Even the moments…I wish last a day
Even the way…I hang on words you say
Even dreams come true
I never loved anyone like you


Time slippin’ away want love to stay ahead
Time slippin’ away want love to stay ahead of yesterday



Always a Dream

Written By: Juanita

In my dream
Love begins with a smile
Grows with a kiss
Ends with a tear
But I realize when I open my eyes
You’re not here

It is a dream…it was a dream
And it will always be a dream
The love I wanted…didn’t touch your heart
But it touched mine

I can’t wait to sleep
Dream about the man
It’s my favourite thing
It’s always been
When I awake my heart aches
Cause you’re not here


I want to pull you from my dreams
Hold you and let my love shine
I’ll pretend I wasn’t hurt back then
It’s only in my mind


It’s okay…it’s okay…it’s okay
I love you deep inside my dream
And it’s always a dream

Fallen Angel

Written By: Juanita- Kelly Breaks-Gordon Davies

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel........fallen angel

You're the hand of a friend
The Angel that he sends............when I'm fallin'
In my darkness you're the light
The dawn after night........when I'm fallin'.........fallin'

When I'm asking to be free
You're the consciense haunting me......when I'm fallin'
I see only good in you
And I'll be there for you to......when you're fallin'

You stand and take my hand
When I'm calling
You're strong when the road is long
And I'm fallin'....I'm fallin'
Fallen Angel..........fallen angel......fallen angel

When the world saddens me
I can count on you to see......when I'm fallin'
My heart's an open book
You know with just one look.........when I'm fallin'

You stand and take my hand
When I'm callin'
You're strong when the road is long
And I'm fallin'....I'm fallin'...

Angel that he sent me......fallen angel
take me in your arms
Angel that he sent me....fallen angel
Angel that he sent me....fallen angel.
Take me in your arms

Angel, angel, angel, angel
fallen angel....
Fallen, fallen,fallen angel
Fallen angel
Fallen, fallen, fallen angel
Fallen angel...fallen angel.................

Standing Alone

Written By: Juanita- Kelly Breaks

I’m a dead girl walkin’
Got people talkin’
Can’t they see…I’m broken in two?
Not the same they say
Used to laugh and dance all day
Now all I do is sit and think of you

You said you loved me so
You’re never gonna let me go
You caught my heart unaware
And like a child…I believed you
How could I be so naïve?
You left me standin’ alone out here

A bond never broken
All our thoughts and secrets spoken
A love I had hidden only for you
When I dream I hold you
When I wake…I’m so cold you
Got my soul now it’s all blue

You said you loved me so
Never gonna let me go
You caught my heart unaware
And like a child I believed you
How could I be so naïve?
You left me standin’ alone out here
You left me standin’ all alone out here

Oh I can’t breath…yeah yeah yeah yeah
Baby you hurt me…. yeah
We were meant to be…disappoint me….yeah yeah yeah yeah….yeah

You said you loved me so
Never gonna let me go
You caught my heart unaware
And like a child…I believed you
How could I be so naïve
You left me standin’ alone out here….you left me standin’ all alone out here
Yeah yeah yeah yeah….yeah


Simple Charades 2005
Sounds of Christmas 2006
The Gift 2007
Band Together - JDRF 2006
End of the Day- We Salute Our Heros 2008

Set List

Juanita has several different performance sets, scaleable depending on the event...
1. Singer-Songwriter Solo, she plays piano and/or backing tracks if required for TV performance
2. Singer-Songwriter Duo with partner Kelly Breaks on guitar/bass
3. Full Band with drummer, bass and guitar player.

Note- New Live Show "Canada Rocks" to be available March 2008. This show features the top Billboard charting songs of Canadian artists and songwriters, such as Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell, Sarah M, Shania, Celine, Anne Murray, KD Lang, BTO, Guess Who, Paul Anka, and many more. Very entertaining and enlightening show. You will be amazed at the world class talent that has come out of the small population of Canada.