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"Juan Prophet Organization - The Carrot and the Stick"

The Carrot and the Stick is a breathtaking and compelling rock orchestra that levels the playing field of so-called independent local bands. Juan Prophet Organization, a family of six musicians, spent over a year laboring to sculpt this creation of tremedously dynamic wonder. Filled with alluring elements of modern rock, hints of jazz, and strong influences in classical modal scale structures, this record contains over twenty songs, yet breathes and flows and moves sometimes swiftly, sometimes slowly, but always smoothly from song to song.
The work behind this record is genuinely laced with a passion for creative musicianship, with each member carrying an equal amount of powerful melodic and instrumental command. To describe the music or its mood is quite a strange task. Overall, it is dark in atmosphere, ethereal, and melancholy in scope, yet at times humorous and full of shades of color, conjuring images of a year spent touring with a traveling circus. Well, this circus delivers well-crafted songs containing a broad tapestry of changes, both in key and tempo. The record could also be called "really weird" and may be hard to understand to the average listener, but further listening is recommended to fully appreciate the band's unusual style.
For more courageous and sophisticated listeners, The Carrot and the Stick, is a feast to be devoured and savored for the ages. This is the kind of music that can change one's manners and moods largely, no matter what a person may initially be feeling upon popping in the disc. It deserves more time than its whimsical title may suggest.
- Southeast Performer Magazine

"Local Artists of Rock - Juan Prophet Organization"

An eerie but soulful clarinet melody pierces the chatter and clanging of The Boro on a summer Friday night. Grayson White joins in with her violin. The lines intertwine and the latest installment of the six-year-long artistic oddesy that is Juan Prophet Organization has begun.
Their sound is chill but warm, relaxing but at times abrupt and intense, always together and very deliberate.
The band-------White, her brother Kris, Jeff Holt, David Jellema and Matthew Crisfi, the bandaged man keeping the beat-------can be labeled experimental rock with a big band twist, or psychedelic jazz perhaps. Whatever the words, they're truly on of the most creative groups around. Tonight they're joined by Seafood Hotline's Joe Leslie.
"We usually have a floating member," White said.
Three of the guys can claim to be JPO's bass player, I suppose, Leslie, Kris White and Holt, who put down the accordion for a moment to supply some very cool four-string finger picking, all provided some low end at their June 30th show.
The band's atypical instrumentation, versatility and funkiness combined with White's incredible vocal range makes for a tasty bite of live music.
While the group says it stays on the road as much as possible, they will focus on recording in the moths to come.
JPO will perform again Sept. 16th at the Boro with burlesque troupe Lady and the Tramps. - Murfreesboro Pulse


Think Circus Vargas meets Sleepy time Gorilla Museum and the Tosca Tango Orchestra. This album is truly a rift in the daily atmosphere of copycat, non-daring redundancies. Full of odd time signatures, precisely orchestrated instrumentation and wild outbursts of spontaneity and chaos, this album is like an eerie trip through time and space. Melodies from the clarinet, trumpet, accordion and violin interweave and swirl until the listener is left with an abrupt halt or change. The packaging even features various pictures of the band members sporting porky pig masks.

Spoken word poetry and haunting vocals touching on life's on going drudgery, tribulations, money and relationships, accompanied by the occasional laugh track or operatic blast, makes a mockery of the general ignoramus expectancies. The Carrot and the Stick feels like a jukebox touching on so many cultures and genres.

summoning the likes of a Mr. Bungle-esque Cabaret Dancer.

Tracks like "Bullfighting" boasting great guitar work and lyrics alike, or "Spanish Inquisition" summoning the likes of a Mr. Bungle-esque Cabaret Dancer. Even a Surf Swing vibe is put forth on "The Promise Of Reward Combined With Threatened Punishment".

Track 11, "These Evidents I Hold To Be Truths" drops in with enough funk and sarcastic wit to put a closing to this record, but it drones on with ten more tracks that are sure to be exerpts from a horror film soundtrack, all leading into a couple instrumental numbers that snuck in the back door of the album when the ticket collector wasn't looking.

Aside from the occasional benign feeling or lack of stimulation, The Carrot and the Stick is a damn good independent effort by the Juan Prophet Organization, and it is always nice to step away from the normal. - ZAP!BANG! Magazine


Juan Prophet Organization - "J " demo (2000)
Juan Prophet Organization - "Naked and Palletized" (2002)
Juan Prophet Organization - "The Carrot and the Stick" (2005)
Juan Prophet Organization - "Cocktails with Carnivores" (2007)

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Ripped from the rich soil of Louisiana, these minstrels have found shelter in Murfreesboro,TN where they have established themselves as the most sought after VAUDEVILLE INDIE ART ROCK band in the region. The versatility of their music has allowed them to entertain a diverse audience with instrumentation that consists of but is not limited to guitar, bass, drums, violin, viola, piano, vocals, accordian, banjo, trumpet, cornet, clarinet, glockenspiel, percussion and other noises. The live performance will grab the audience and pull them into being a part of the show. They just released their new album "Cocktails with Carnivores" and will be touring extensively across the United States in 2008.
Juan Prophet continues to lead its audiences into strange places, but it seems that they all enjoy the auditory rollercoaster. So, not to disappoint, Juan Prophet Organization will continue to travel the world and seek out all that has been laid before them. In their many travels they have shared the stage with acts such as FAUN FABLES, SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, 2 FOOT YARD, SKELETON KEY, BILLY NAYER SHOW, BARBEZ, STOLEN BABIES, DRUMS & TUBA, WHOLE FANTASTIC WORLD, BOB LOG III, LOOK WHAT I DID, GUTBUCKET, DEAD MEADOW, and many other wonderful bands.

When attending a JPO show, you will want to be prepared and have your costume ready for the event. The band is a modern day vaudevillian spectacle often performing with sideshow acts, upstanding burlesque theatre troupes like the legendary Lady and the Tramps and Effie's Club Follies, dance companies, and of course the annual hoolahoop contest. Though they travel often, they also make sure to give back to their local music scene in Murfreesboro by bringing interesting and eclectic acts through their hometown.


"Experimental pop collective Juan Prophet Organization match art-school antics with indie-rock sensibilities." The Rage, Nashville, TN

"Think Circus Vargas meets Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and the Tosca Tango Orchestra. This album is truly a rift in the daily atmosphere of copycat, non-daring redundancies. Full of odd time signatures, precisely orchestrated instrumentation and wild outbursts of spontaneity and chaos, this album is like an eerie trip through time and space …summoning the likes of a Mr. Bungle-esque Cabaret Dancer."
ZapBang Magazine, Jeff Ramuno.

"If one is looking for variety and an escape from the crap the major labels churn out, listen to this album. There is only one thing that beats listening and that's going to a JPO show!" Chris Baker, CD Baby.

"The band has a decidedly original sound and cannot be classified in to one genre." Rhiannon Brewer Patrick, Athens Banner Herald.

"The band's members act as tour guides in a wild ride through countless musical genres with grace and style...without ever losing the audience's interest." Christopher Magan, Sidelines.