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"rayperez- Delusions of Grandeur"

Band Name: Ray Perez

Album Name: Delusions of Grandeur
Best element: DIY recording and distribution
Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.purevolume.com/rayperez

Label name: Pearcore Records (http://www.pearcore.com)
Band e-mail: pearcore@budweiser.com

No Cover Art

First things first: Since this CD is not only self-released but self-recorded, self-produced, and self-mixed, the recording quality leaves a lot to be desired. It is scratchy, some tracks sound very distorted, and some tracks are louder than others. But this album is still in my hands. This sort of DIY ethic is something to be admired in an artist. Having gotten that point out of the way, let’s proceed to Ray Perez’s music.

Ray writes music which would be great to have on in the background at a party. It’s easygoing, relaxing, and almost soothing. It doesn’t really sound like anything else you’ve ever heard. His voice sounds a little like Everlast, but the music is uniquely his. There’s a little bit of folk rock, a little bit of industrial/techno, a little bit of straight up rock, a little bit of alternative, a little bit country, and a little bit of Spanish.

His lyrical style is very personal, as he writes about what he sees and experiences first hand, whether it be events in his own life or his reaction to world events. [u]Delusions of Grandeur’s[/u] strong point is in the song “Needle and Thread”, where Ray’s friend Nicole Laas loans her voice for a little bit of the song. The song’s lyrics are a very simple expression of love, and the split male/female vocals add an extra bit of emotion to the song.

The only thing that would make this CD an easier listen is if the recording quality improved. The DIY recording/distribution method is admirable, and the talent is there, but the grainy sound quality makes the CD at times a tough listen. It’s a long CD – an hour and 18 minutes – so having a clearer recording would make it easier to get the full effect of the music, passion, and emotion that Ray Perez puts into his music.

-Andrea Goodwin
- IndependentClauses.com


"delusions of grandeur or the great depression"

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"also known as juan"

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rayperez was born, Juan R. Perez Jr., in the small Texas town of McAllen. He grew up in Mission, Tx. then moved to San Marcos, then Austin for 8 years. While in Austin, the "live music capitol of the world" he discovered he didn't want to be a part of the ridiculousness that is the music industry. Corrupt, and flawed, the industry had no room for a no name, songwriter, who had no interest in playing the game. So ever since 1998 rayperez has been recording independently on makeshift recording devices pieced together and cleverly named by rayperez as "pseudios" Using pirated programs and borrowed equipment rayperez has recorded over 100 original songs and has distributed them on free cd's to places all over planet earth.

you can download all my songs for free and still benefit charity@ http://www.gimmesound.com/hope