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Juan Zavala

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Hip-hop at it's true form for listeners of all ages. Lyrics ranging from true life stories to faith-based to commercial, all with a blend of english and spanish.


With the start of a new year, Juan L. Zavala is ready to revolutionize not only the hip-hop culture but the latin people that have surrounded him since birth. Being brought up from a mexican desendence, this young man has applied a spanglish speaking style to his lyrics that has reached out to the masses that can relate to him.
Raised in the city of Waukegan, IL (midpoint between Chicago and Milwaukee), Juan, just like others, experienced the streets for a moment but knew that wasn’t the way he needed to take. Soon after a family dilema, he accepted the Lord and became part of the largest movement known to mankind. Now, twelve years later, he has returned with fresh music to keep the movement going against this ever changing world full of materialism, lustfulness, and abominations.
Working with some of the hottest producers from the area including 6th Trumpet (Unmarked Music) and Alex Soler (JDV), Juan is making sure his independent sophmore album will have an influence to the mass in every which way. Songs ranging from commercial to conscience, to romantic, and life changing experiences. Stay tuned to this young man as he has already infiltrated the airwaves and posesses many appearences to come this 2008.
Be on the lookout for his first single “High”, his compilation with Reggaeton artist P.B.C., and his album in the late Summer. Also check www.myspace.com/str8krazymusic for updates, pictures, music, and performances.



Written By: JUAN L. ZAVALA


Let’s hit the door, right to my ride
Cruise 94, going south to the chi!!
Why don’t we spend our time downtown tonight!!

Baby, let me show you how I get down right in the Chi-town!!
Dinner at Brazzaz, movies, then we ridin’ downtown
Check the scene, how it gleams in the skyline..
Turn to you and see the stars in your brown eyes..

Mamita linda, you take my, my breath away
Makes me wanna be with you every single day!!
Why don’t we grab a telly and finish the night right…(sike)
But first let’s ride to the lake and see the city sights..

And take our time walking through Lake Michigan
Being close makes you wanna do this again!!
And we can do this every night if you close your eyes
Imagine us together till the day we live to die.

Otras te envidian pero no les hagas caso ma’
Quisieran estar en tus zapatillas pero na’
Dios me mando un angel y ese angel eres tu
Believe my poem, every single word in fact is true

HIGH (v-1)

Written By: JUAN L. ZAVALA

Now tell me what’s it gon’ take to getcha’ hands high
To the one who reigns in the sky
Through him all things are possible
That’s the reason why we’re unstoppable.
Angels praise amongst humble souls
With they hands to the sky son, that’s how it goes
When you’re trying to be a difference in this world
So get your voice heard in one accord.
The revolution is here, the revolution is you
So getcha’ act together ‘fore your time is through
We’re the reason why he died up in the cross
And set his spirit free into our hearts.
Anything and everything is possible
Like Christ’s resurrection, He’s King of all
He’s my breath, my life, my spirit and soul
Thus the reason, I can’t take this life he owns.


Pass Me the Mic- LP- 2003
UMP Compilation- EP- 2005
Str8Krazy "The Mixtape Vol. 1- 2007
"High"- Radio Rhema 1500 am
"HIGH"- Available on iTunes as of 10/08

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