Portland, Oregon, USA
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Juarez is a self-proclaimed "Horror Hip-Hop" artist hailing from Portland, Oregon. After attacking the underground PDX Hip-Hop scene with a fury, he is ready to hit it hard recording, rhyming, and touring non stop.


In the winter of 2010 John Hernandez aka JUAREZ,-Murder capitol of the world- began his musical climb from the gutters, straight out of the Hollywood district and 82nd street scene of Portland Oregon, with a mind set on rap, horror, and black magic. Funding his antics with tarot card readings, and moonlighting as a craigslist gigolo he acquired many aka's and monikers in the mean time, Mista Sinista, LeGioN, and Johnny Jay he became a favorite of haunted house parties, and small Portland grottos. Moving in the 503 to where the city code reads 666 Juarez began crafting a conjure. A demo of collected work entitled MAGIANEGRA, an eight song ep that is coveted by his local following, fondly referred to as legion. With lyrical smatters of spree killing, Aztec mythology, man whoring, and doomsday prophecies with a dash of satanic overtones, JUAREZ is well on his way to make his name in the realm of dark hip hop both as a DJ and as an MC.


Welcome to Juarez

Written By: Juarez

Welcome to Juarez....
we do what the devil says....
the population runs 6 to the 6 to the 6.


ThirteenThirteen - 2009 Demo
Black Magic - 2010 E.P.
Welcome to Juarez - 2011 full length

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