original, inspiring, and thought provoking compositions performed solo or with a full band. there are many elements of reggae, funk, jazz, and blues, with powerful vocals and great musicianship on all instruments.


Jubal has been writing and performing his own music for more than twenty years. He is a multi-instrumentalist with his forte being the guitar. Jubal attended the University of Arizona, while playing with several bands. He graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Music Theory and Composition minor. Jubal has played his unique style of music all over the country, including both coasts and in between. Jubal is masterful with acoustic and electric guitars. He is a solid rhythm, and burning lead player. He adds to the music a color not often seen in a guitar player. Jubal is also an adept working bass player. He occasionally collaborates with other bands as a percussionist. Jubal sings powerful melody and precise harmony vocals of his own composed lyrics as well as cover songs and improvisation. Depending upon the venue, Jubal can be seen playing instrumental jazz, solo acoustic shows, full band shows, or his awe inspiring Keller Williams-esque looping performances in which he utilizes a Boomerang Digital Sampler to play bass, percussion, rhythm, and lead guitar, as well as sing lead and harmony. Jubal's music, which is comprised of many genres including jazz, reggae, funk, and blues, is somewhat political, soulfully expressive, and often socially satirical. In 1999, Jubal moved to Austin, Texas, to reach a new audience and experience "the live music capitol of the world." Within a few months after arriving in Austin from Tucson, Jubal had several regular shows and also collaborated with other well-known local Austin bands during his five year stint there. In 2004 Jubal moved to The Front Range from Austin and has been astounding audiences with his solo act, the improvisational jam band "Lucid Alouishes," as well as his new roots reggae project "The Rude Boys." Jubal is also a sound engineer and was consulted for and or ran sound in many of the venues in Austin and elsewhere. Jubal is a nationally published poet and author. Jubal was given several national awards between 1995 and 1997. He is published in several nationally released anthologies and has been or is presently a contributing writer for Werid Magazine, The Santa Fe Reporter, The Austin Paratimes News, and the Boulder based music magazine The Marquee. Jubal's passion for freedom of thought and expression is clearly audible in songs and lyrics that range from simple inspiring melodies to much more intricate and complicated compositions. Jubal has opened for and sat in with Blues Traveler on numerous ocassions in Texas and Colorado.


note to self

Written By: Jubal

note to self
i’m so scared of myself.
erase me for what i have done.
but i’m not as scared as you,
and i won’t do what you want me to.
i find my way behind closed doors.
words can’t say what i see
inside the monster that i abhor
in the mirror right in front of me.

it’s gonna be a long lonely road
that you walk down.
it’s gonna be a hard rain in the cold,
but you never turn around.
it’s just a moment and then it’s gone.
i wonder where you’ll be?
as far as away as you can get,
you’ll never get away from me.

you’re so sure of yourself,
so please me, still i am numb.
why do you do those things you do?
because you’re parents had parents too.
sometimes i bleed from every pore
when the lights fall down.
am i a stupid artist or
just a brilliant clown?


and when we reach the end,
we’ll be where we are
until we change again,
when something new begins.

we walk alone hand in hand.
we see through different eyes.
but it’s all from the same head;
that tricky human mind.
i see far beyond the sun
deep inside of me.
but of what am i a part?
this ain’t only me ya see.


melancholy melody

Written By: jubal

a melancholy melody

i was a man with a dream in his hands.
she was a girl that i knew.
we had beer on our breath and smoke in our eyes,
lookin’ for nothing to do.

we drove around town for hours and hours,
watching the time go by.
i jumped out and i picked her a flower
and she put her hand on my thigh.

so drink one for the moment and two for good-byes
one when you’re feeling the blues.
as long as i’m living here’s mud in your eye.
i’ll always be dreaming of you.

lady you know wherever you go,
if i ain’t there i’ll be on my way
because we can have daisies and roses too...
so much to enjoy in a day.

and it’s a wonderful today and there ain’t no tomorrow.
yesterday’s only a dream.
come hell or high water, i’ll beg steal or borrow
to get you from there to me.


sometimes i see a man way off in the distance
out on a porch in the breeze
cascaded by moonlight, long hair and a beard white
he ain’t got nowhere to be.
i see him sitting beside a white haired old lady
she’s just as pretty as can be
i know i ain’t the most sensitive
but it looked just like you and me.



The Administration

Written By: Jubal

the administration

can’t get away from this head.
can’t get away from my brain.
can’t get along without one.
i can’t believe we live this way.

little georgie’s on the corner
stealing all the marbles.
him no learn to play nice.
he want your sons and your daughters
because he send ‘em off to slaughter
him no learn to play nice.


dick cheney playin’ hopscotch.
trying to give you things he no got.
him no give good advise.
them put his voice on the airwaves,
but we no listen what he say.
him no give good advise.


condoleeza’s got them big balls,
but she no understand what them for.
she don’t care what’s wrong or right.
she got her head up in her bottom,
and inside she smellin’ rotten.
she don’t care what’s wrong or right.




Psychacoustic - self released
Jubal - CueZone Records
Various internet radio play,
KRFC Ft. Collins, CO
KGNU Boulder, CO

Set List

Set Lists vary depending upon gig.
There are more than Sixty Originals in our repetoire to choose from to suit various genres including but not limited to reggae, blues, funk, and rock.

w/full band: Sublime, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Whithers, The Meters, Miles Davis
solo acoustic: all of the above plus - ani difranco, dave matthews, charlie parker, royal finger bowl, freddie king, taj mahal, stevie ray vaughan, dave brubeck, squeeze, prince, sting, and many more.