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Macon, Georgia, United States | SELF

Macon, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"The Wait is over for those anticipating a Morning After cd"

Jubee and the Morning After have been the darlings of the downtown music scene for more than a year now, playing live shows every chance they get and growing their fan base the entire time. That’s an impressive feat considering all the while they’ve been performing, they didn’t have a CD.

We’ve been forgiving of that fact and patiently waiting as each high energy performance was so full of excitement that it was enough to hold us over until the next performance.

Instead of turning our friends on to them by giving them some music to listen to, we took them to the next show.

That’s great for Macon’s music scene, but how long could the Morning After last living this way? How could we tell our friends and family out of town about this bright spark in Macon?

The wait is over. Last week, the fellas delivered one of their best performances to date at the Cox Capitol Theatre to promote the release of their first recording, “Yours Truly.”

But can the CD satisfy? After all the anticipation, hype and offstage antics like sponsoring everything in town, does it all translate to the CD?


The CD opens with Jubee doing a James Brown-esque “HIT ME!” followed by the band delivering a quick jab with their instruments on “Whatcha Made Of.” You can clearly hear why they have earned the respect of so many. Jubee tells the story of how hard this ride has been up to this point and the band’s playing is impressive and flawless.

My favorite track is “Weather.” The song effortlessly slips from singing to rapping and back again. The creative drumming sets the tone for the track and ... is that a horn? It’s so refreshing to hear a trumpet in a song nowadays.

The content of the lyrics is something I can relate to, being broke. It seems that all rappers talk about is how much they have, and everyone I know is struggling in this economy.

Thanks, Jubee, for making a song for the average American.

While “Call Me” loses me, the EP as a whole is a sonically solid and fun listen.

My biggest complaint is that it’s only five songs. Macon bands love to “leave ’em wanting more.”

I give “Yours Truly” a thumbs up. It makes this Macon music fan proud.

Roger Riddle wants every band that has released an EP to release a full length album.

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2011/09/09/1694989/wait-is-over-for-those-anticipating.html#storylink=cpy - The Telegraph

"Jubee and The Morning After - Outta Home"

This acoustic live footage is just dope. I’m always into acoustic raps but the whole thing is well done. I love the smooth flow. Check it out. - foreverdope.com

"JuBee and The Morning After"

If the name sounds familiar to you, it should. They've received accolades from across the country, and have opened for HipHop superstar "Pitbull". They've been on radio and television, most recently appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE." And if you're wondering...Yes. They do live right here in Middle Ga.
Dwayne "Jubee" Webb previously ruled the Middle Ga undergound scene as 1/2 of the cross genre/HipHop based duo known as City Council. "Jubee" is one of those guys with humility and grace off stage, but once on stage, he commands attention and delivers his marching orders with fire and force. Danny Davis lays down amazingly smooth funk/jazz bass lines and Alex Scarborough pounds out the beat from the back of the stage- together giving the music the backbone needed to deliver "Jubee's" lyrical onslaught. Child prodigy, Alec Stanley with his funky rock/jazz guitar completes the quartet.
These guys compliment each other the way more bands should. No egos running wild here. They are a cacophony of flavors in a harmonious stew. "(Four) great tastes, that taste great together", if you will.

Check out this video....Notice the hook, the groove, the words. What more can be said? - MidGALive

"JuBee and The Morning After’s ‘Yours Truly’ EP shines with lasting memories"

The opening guitar licks of “On” sound vaguely familiar, like hazy memories of the night before. But once drummer Alex Scarborough drops the infectious rock beat, you are instantly taken back to the previous night’s wild party. When vocalist & rapper Dwayne “JuBee” Webb’s graces the mic, you can’t help but feel that you were right there partying with the band. This lead single is a reflection of JuBee and The Morning After’s welcoming and familiar sound that punctuates their 5-song, debut EP “Truly Yours.”

The EP starts with the rock infused “Whatcha Made Of,” where guitarist Alec Stanley lights a solo on fire with his lightening quick chops. But the Macon, GA based band successfully slows things down on the nostalgic “Outta Home.” Over a pulsating synth line, JuBee somberly sings, “You only get as far as you fall. I got back up on my feet, cause struggling just wasn’t for me.”

The upbeat “Weather” is the perfect inspirational vitamin with bassist Danny “Effin” Davis not only providing a funky bassline, but lending his strained but polished vocals to the chorus. The band shows some real range on “Call Me,” a crafty and catchy arrangement of country rock, R&B, and hip hop. JuBee’s love for the opposite sex shines through when he proclaims, “I will cross the ocean, the land and the sea; just to get some of that good stuff that you got for me.”

JuBee and The Morning After’s “Truly Yours” EP can be downloaded on iTunes. You can stream the music at http://www.facebook.com/JuBeeAndTheMorningAfter.

Continue reading on Examiner.com JuBee and The Morning After’s ‘Yours Truly’ EP shines with lasting memories - Atlanta Local Music | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/local-music-in-atlanta/jubee-and-the-morning-after-s-yours-truly-ep-shines-with-lasting-memories-review-1#ixzz1mfI0dvT2
- www.examiner.com

"From Macon, GA to Jimmy Kimmel Live"

If you missed this dynamic team of musical magicians this past Saturday when they played Shenanigans in Warner Robins, you missed a treat! JuBee And The Morning After are showing up on stages all over the country. Talking about another best kept secret in, Macon, GA! And the fans from Macon love them! For a band to have been together only one year, they’ve already made their way to live television performances with the latest being Jimmy Kimmel Live, late night, where the band performed it’s hit single, “On“. And as usual, they turned that mother out too. Nik was able to get a chit chat with the Leader of the Pack, Dewayne “JuBee” Webb to share with the fans a little something about JuBee And The Morning After.

NIK: When did you first fall in love with music?
JUBEE: I started in the church. I was in the youth choir. In elementary school I participated in music class and I was on Chorus. I was like A+ in all my music classes. I remember I used to sing like every Easter at my church. My brother used to play piano and sing. I looked up to him a lot. I started rapping like middle school, 10 or 11. I started doing little battles outside or on the bus.

NIK: Tell us a little about your growing up days.
JUBEE: Growing up –I was raised by my Ant & Uncle, I’m originally from New York but I moved at a very early age down south. I was raised up off really old school stuff; Sam Cook, Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Frankie Lymon…All that was just great live music.

NIK: Most Indie Artist today is solo or duo acts. What made you decide to do a band thing in today’s hard core area of music?
JUBEE: Actually this is my second band. My first band used to play behind my first group, City Counsel which are a duo that I have that’s on hiatus right now for obvious reasons. JuBee started out as my side project. I love being on stage doing it because the people really can connect to it. I love it. I really do. Plus I ended up playing saxophone in my school band, in middle school and high school, and that had a part to play in it too.

NIK: Why don’t you go ahead and introduce the band to us.
JUBEE: On Base and backup vocals and a little vocals, we have “The Captain, Danny Effin Davis” on Drums and backup vocals, we have Alex Scarborough, on Lead Guitar we have Alec Stanley. We have rotating musicians, Adam Cress, who comes to play Keys, and my boy on saxophone Corey, whenever he’s in town, he’s in school right now and of course yours truly, Dewayne “JuBee” Webb, on Lead Vocals.

NIK: You guys won the Samsung AT&T Summer Crush Opening Act Contest which landed you a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live, what was that like, being on JKL?
JUBEE: That was an awesome experience, one of the best in my life, I can say, especially one of the best in my career. Getting there and actually winning was surreal. Playing…it was Great! Now between that it was nerve racking. We played for about 4,000 people. We’ve had some pretty big shows but that’s probably our biggest crowd we’ve had to date. Playing in front of the legendary Paramount Theater in Seattle Washington, opening up for “Pit Bull”, it was amazing.

NIK: With all the recognition you guys are getting right now, have you been approached by a major?
JUBEE: We’ve been talking to a few people but it’s not really something that defines my final goal; I guess you can say, in doing this, because a lot of deals aren’t what they used to be. So that’s not really my main focus. I want to do what I love and I want to keep doing things like the JK lives, the big shows. I wanna tour, I love being on stage. I want to get our music to a wider audience. And if a deal comes I want to be able to keep my creative integrity and keep doing what we’ve been doing. When that opportunity comes, when that deal comes, we’ll work it out over here.

NIK: “On”, that’s my jam! That’s my get up and get it popping song. Can we look for more of that kind of music from the band?
JUBEE: Oh yeah, definitely can. We are actually working on a full length album at this time. We shooting more videos for the songs we have out right now. I’m pretty sure the next single will be “Weather”. It’s already been coined the everyday people national anthem. That’s one thing I want this band to be known for, we’re the every day people band.

NIK: We want to thank you for your time and always know “The Heat” wants to keep everybody abreast with what’s happening with “JuBee And The Morning After”. So don’t be a stranger friend.
JUBEE: With your help I’ll do that! Thanks Nik and thanks to “The Heat” for giving me a moment to vibe with the fans.

Much Love! One Love!
Feel “The HEAT”
(How HOT is it? Tooooooooo Hot!) LOL

If you haven’t had a chance to go and party with “JUBee And The Morning After here’s a great opportunity to:
RUBBLEBUCKET w. JuBee + The Morning After, Baby Baby and Triathalon
Thursday, February 9 at 7:00pm at Cox Capitol Theater

Facebook.com/JuBeeAndTheMorningAfter ~ twitter.com/JuBeeATMA ~ JuBeeAndTheMorningAfter.com - The Heat Magazine

"Music Matters: Live music summary"


THE BAND: JuBee and The Morning After

ABOUT: JuBee and The Morning After, from Macon, is on the rise. Lead by vocalist/hip-hop lyricist Dwayne “JuBee” Webb, the band is also made up of Danny “Effin” Davis on bass, Alec Stanley on guitar, Alex Scarborough on drums, and Chelsea Hughes on keys. Each member is accomplished in their own right and bring their individual styles together to create a self-described “musical orgy” of Southern rock, folk, blues, 70s funk, R&B, indie, rap, soul and, most notably, hip-hop that some critics are calling “Hipster Hop.”

Many of their song titles show the personal nature of their lyrics, such as “Highways of My Life,” “Me Against Myself,” and “Whatcha Made of.” Although it might take you a few listens to fully grasp each word, it’s worth hitting repeat. The Macon Telegraph describes their hometown favorite as “a venture for the charismatic frizzy fro’d half of City Council [JuBee’s former band] who brings a passionately nerdy group of backing rockers to flesh out a pop sound that will surprise you.”

At the end of last year, they raised funds via kickstarter.com to record their EP “Yours Truly” and have been touring ever since to promote this album’s January 2011 release. On their MySpace page, they list their wide-ranging influences as “The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, Outkast, City Council, The Doors, The Black Keys, Friends and Family, Stillwater, The Wall, [and] Pink Floyd.”

By trying to incorporate qualities of these varying inspirations, JuBee and The Morning After have created a sound all their own. Called “one of the newest and hottest acts in the (southeast) right now” by Luke Goddard for BlueIndian.com, JuBee has their sights set on world domination, and they just might achieve it as they are exploding in the Southeast and beyond.

As their catch phrase promises, they have “the experience and the drive to bring a party so hard that fans will never forget JuBee and the Morning After, the morning after.”

For information, go to their Facebook page at facebook.com/JubeeAndTheMorningAfter.

SAMPLE LYRICS: From “Whatcha Made Of”: “My own people tell me/i ain't don’t be sh!t/Maybe I start to believe that/I mean who am I to have achievements” Chorus: “It ain’t what you know/its ya nuts and bolts/Whatcha made of ” - Savannah Now

"JuBee and The Morning After hit National TV"

Last night was a big one for Macon’s local music scene. Our very own, home-grown band Jubee and the Morning After gave an incredible performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!… well sort of. They were incredible, Kimmel was not.

Macon was rife with excitement – a large crowd gathered at the Cox Capitol Theater to watch it live with the band and even more were tuning in at home. Kimmel tortured us though. After what seemed like an eternity of mind-numbing interviews with Snooki and Chaz Bono, product placement, and promos for Beavis & Butthead’s revival, we finally got to see our hometown heroes. For 45 seconds. With half the screen covered by credits.

Folks in Middle Georgia were pretty miffed (especially with Kimmel’s announcement that you could go to JimmyKimmelLive.com to see the entire performance which wasn’t and still isn’t true), but they don’t need to complain anymore. The fine folks at the American Broadcasting Company have put the entire song on Kimmel’s YouTube Channel and without the credits covering Jubee’s lovely lower half (yay!).

The band was tight, energetic, and made The Blue Indian and all of Georgia proud. We’re hoping these guys go a lot farther in the near future. - TheBlueIndian.com

"Jubee and The Morning After Premieres Music Video “ON”!"

One of the newest and hottest acts in the South-East right now, JuBee and The Morning After, have recently released the music video to their hit single, “On.” And, lucky for you and us, we are here to premiere this epic music video and song exclusively at TheBlueIndian.com for all you JubeeATMA fans! (Re: Regarding the online premiere of the single "On" and music video online - exclusively granted to TheBlueIndian.com) - TheBlueIndian.com: Georgia's Indie Music Hub

"Scene 13: "ROCK AWAY!""

And now, low and behold, there's yet another killer concert happening Saturday! It's Bragg Jam Presents...a little mini-Bragg Jam - a taste, if you will, of what's coming at the festival this summer! Mag Tard and Citizen Insane are gonna get you pumped up for Jubee and the Morning After to rock your world! Don't miss the pride of Macon as they Rock Out for Bragg Jam Music Festival in 2011! - WMAZ 13

"Learn from our local musicians"

Enter Macon musicians. Local hip-hop/rock band Jubee and the Morning After was already scheduled to open the show. And they weren’t letting anyone down. So, they called in their friends -- Mag Tard, Citizen Insane and DJ Old Flame -- to make up for the loss. Who needs the Constellations when we already have our own homegrown headliners? Bragg Jam (Now) Presents: Macon musicians at their finest. Pride is restored. Actually, it will be amplified. These artists have a stronger heartbeat in this town than we realize. They are a life blood all of their own, who just happen to work well with all walks of life. They are crucial to our economic development and creative fabric. Do you want to see community leadership at its finest? Look no further than today’s musicians of Macon and JuBee and The Morning After! - Jessica Walden, The Telegraph

"LIVE Review: JuBeeATMA at Smith’s Olde Bar"

Now I am blown away by the fact that while the band sounds “pop” the lyrics are very much so “real-world-issue” based. I was overly impressed with JuBee and The Morning After from them performing a cover of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” to the part when they performed “Forgot About Dre” and the guitar player got involved. I enjoyed their music prior to the show, but their LIVE performance won me over! I Can't wait to see them in many more live shows in Atlanta! - 84 Area: The Indie Music Hub

"Bragg Jam: The Aftermath"

Next up was [JuBee and the Morning After featuring Perry Valentyne] and I have to say they were the best I've ever heard them. The first song was the jam and Valentyne was a madman on the mic. Does that mean anything to anybody else? Maybe. I wish I had more pictures, but they move around so much, I just gave up and started dancing. They also gave us a snapshot of [the upcoming new album single "On"], of which Jubee and Valentyne are a part. I had the best time with their set and I'm really excited by what they are going to do int he future! - , Angel Collins, Food & Culture Magazine

"Sponsored by Jubee & The Morning After"

“If you know Dwayne “Jubee” Webb of City Council and the aforementioned [Jubee and] The Morning After, you have heard… [about the] “Morning After Burger” that he’d created at the Rookery… I’m not sure who to give the credit for this sandwich to: the Rookery for cooking it so beautifully or Jubee for coming up with the concoction.” - Angel Collins, Food & Culture Magazine (Oct 18, 2010)

"Snacking on FML: It Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means"

Thompson Entertainment Group is building their brand with Jubee & the Morning After, Chelsea Hughes and others on the bill. Jubee and the Morning After is getting some play as front man Jubee finds himself in California and New York hobnobbing with musicians and actors in his Macon Man shirt. The obviously talented group could be our first explosion. They're good enough to do it. - Macon Scene

"It's Jus Jubee"

Jubee is a name that may or may not be familiar to you yet, but it is the lifelong nickname of half the genius behind the hip-hop duo City Council. Of course, M Food & Culture has featured City Council before, but it is a force to be reckoned with on a regular basis. They were voted “Best Live Local Performance” at Macon’s music festival Bragg Jam, and have consistently been playing gigs and affecting our local hip-hop scene since their debut in 2007.

The duo remains strong with a new City Council album in November. Perry Valentyne, the other half of the team, plans to drop an album in September. And Jubee…well, readers, we are lucky enough to get his EP within the month.

Originally from Brooklyn, Dwayne “Jubee” Webb started writing songs when he was 12 years old, passing the time spent in class coming up with rhymes. He started battling MC’s when he was fourteen years old and got his first indie record deal when he was sixteen.

Growing up, he listened to classics such as B.B. King and The Temptations and related to their heart and soul. His early life was not without hardships. He dealt with the loss of his mother at a very early age and never knew his father. These experiences, instead of holding him back, have inspired him creatively and given him a fearlessness that is noticeable upon meeting him. “I had a really interesting life and it reflects in my music. I had to struggle to get where I am now.”

Flash forward a couple of years and he is happily living in Macon with a beautiful wife and a newborn son named Alex. Newly managed by Will Thompson of Thompson Entertainment, he has been hard at work on his EP. At time of this interview, it had yet to be titled, but promises to be a new dose of ear candy that is a blend of down tempo music, jazz and electronic music, and underground rap.

Among the five or six songs that will make the cut are Outta Home and On. On is Jubee’s response to Macon’s music scene embracing his efforts. “It shocks me when one person likes my music, so when a lot of people do, it’s overwhelming. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. On is about that.” All I know, which features Luca Brazi from North Carolina, is a song about “reeling and dealing” and the hardships and reality of his past. And, of course, no album would be complete without a soulful breakup song, Waiting on you. He even does his interpretation of an R&B artist from the 1980’s named Cameo in his funky song titled Call Me.

His live shows are certain to be an exciting event with a full band on board...Alex on drums, John on guitar, Josh on guitar and Daniel on bass. With a bushel of new songs up his sleeve and two Macon gigs coming up...the 567 on August 14th and Mellow Mushroom on August 28th...what goals are Jubee reaching towards?

“The best thing in the world to me is just affecting someone in a positive light doing what I love to do. I think taking risks are a vital part of doing anything. It takes a certain kind of person who can say, “‘I’m not going to do what’s expected of me. I’m not going to do what people may think I should do. I’m going to do what’s right to me. Whether I succeed or fail, at the end of the day, it’s my decision.’”

Catch on quick Macon, because success seems to be written in the stars for Jubee. You can check out his website for updates: http://jusjubee.com His EP will be available on Itunes and at Golden Bough Bookstore for physical copies. - Louise Warren Listen Up! (8/17/2010)

"Jubee on the Street"

On 1st Friday, JuBee of JuBee & The Morning After/City Council hosted a free Jam session for the "Remember Miss Joycine Alzheimer’s Benefit and Exhibit" in which he freestyled and previewed songs from his upcoming EP "Your's Truly". This took place at Joycine’s Art, Attitude & Accessor Gallery, on 333 Cotton Ave. He started out with just his drummer Alex Scarborough and was promptly joined by musicians who saw the performance on the street and we're compelled to pull out their instruments and join the Jam session. This brought a crowd of all ages who stood as JuBee delivered as the musicans provided the musical backdrop for his intricate lyrics and positive messages for all to hear. Suffice to say... It was a huge success; as Jubee and the Morning After are sure to be soon. - Kris Hattaway Fridayfest.com (10/15/2010)

"Band Spotlight"

With its members involved in various other bands and even an underground music publication, These guys are in many ways the linchpin of Macon’s music scene...Jubee & the Morning After, a new venture for the charismatic frizzy fro’d half of City Council who brings a passionately nerdy group of backing rockers to flesh out a pop sound that will surprise you. - Chris Horne Macon.com (Aug. 27, 2010)


Yours Truly - September 1st 2011



JuBee and the Morning After is "a venture for the charismatic frizzy fro’d half of City Council, who brings a passionately nerdy group of backing rockers to flesh out a pop sound that will surprise you" (Macon Telegraph).

JuBee and the Morning After features the magnetic vocal delivery of JuBee, a rapper that provides "deep, emotion-filled lyrical creations" (Savannah Urban Arts Festival), and a sl
ew of musicians with accolades of their own right. The rhythm section is comprised of "The Captain" Danny Davis (bass, backing vocals) and Alex Scarborough (drums) who hail from Athens, GA based R&B conglomerate Dope John Paul. Tari Purcell (Keys) and Josh Graff (guitar, backing vocals), singer/songwriter from Macon, GA, round out the permanent members of the group. Influenced by the transparent honesty of Hip-Hop fundamentals and the energetic groove of 1970’s Funk and R&B, JuBee and The Morning After is an eclectic blend of Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, throwback Funk, and look forward soulful southern Rap. It's so good that the hipsters might shed the hoodies and wish they could dance.

With dozens of mixtapes under his belt, a fresh new EP(Yours Truly) in 2011,a musical guest spot on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and having shared the spotlight with Gym Class Heroes (Fueled by Ramen), Yelawolf (Interscope),PiLL(Maybach Music Group),Trey Songz(Atlantic), Travie McCoy (Fueled by Ramen),Pitbull(TVT), 3OH!3(Photo Finish Records),Afroman(Universal), Roscoe Dash(Interscope),Shawty Lo(G-Unit South),Chip Tha Ripper,J.Cole(Roc Nation), Big Boi(Purple Ribbon),Vonnegut(Purple Ribbon), Cartel (Epic), Currensy (Def Jam),Chester French(Star Trak), REHAB (Epic), The Cool Kids (Cake), Raheem DeVaughn (Warner Bros.), JuBee and his team have the experience and the drive to bring a party so hard that fans will never forget JuBee and the Morning After, the morning after.