LOUD. Blackened sludgegrind + stoner doomthrash? 2-person sonic destruction, with a wall of amplifiers that isn't a stage prop. We make sound sculptures in the air to worship with our sweat + blood.


Formed in 1993 and never followed a traditional path. Didn't emulate other bands or try to be part of a scene. Wrote + played music for pure emotional depravity, catharsis and self-immolation. Accidentally got signed to a major label in 1999, while actively not pursuing a record deal. (We didn't want to be told how to be a band.) Didn't make records as "product" but as a way to share what moves us. Didn't perceive shows as performances, but as rituals essential to life. Have played thousands of shows across North America + Europe. Shared stages + tours with many incredible bands, but hate name-dropping. First tour was in 1996. Been on the road year-round since 2001. We literally live in our tour bus.



Written By: Jucifer

From 2008's 'L'autrichienne' (Relapse)

Black misery
Conflict and negotiations
Nothing left to feed my family
Black misery
Pestilence and harvests lost
Monarchs never count the cost
Hostages to higher lifestyles
Humans cannot live this way
No choice for the third estate

No choice for the weak
With conspiracies you raise yourselves to trample us to dust
No future for the meek
To watch while you avail yourselves of what belongs to us
Of what belongs to us


'Nadir' (1994, cassette demo)
'Superman' B/W 'Licorice' 7" Vinyl (1995, Crack Rock Records)
'Superman' CD single (2000, Capricorn Records)
'Calling All Cars On The Vegas Strip' (1998, Crack Rock Records. Re-issued 2000, Capricorn Records)
'Lambs' EP CD + 10" LP (2001, Velocette Records)
'I Name You Destroyer' Album CD (2002, Velocette Records)
'War Bird' EP CD (2004, Velocette Records)
'If Thine Enemy Hunger' CD + 12" LP (2006, Relapse Records)
'L'Autrichienne' CD (2008, Relapse Records) + 12" Double LP (2008, Alternative Tentacles Records)
'Auto Cannibalist' Split CD with Show Of Bedlam (2009, Choking Hazard)
'Throned In Blood' CD (2010, Nomadic Fortress) + 12" LP (2010, Alternative Tentacles Records)
Most tracks from most albums are available on Itunes. See more links, reviews, photos + full bio on www.myspace.com/jucifer

Set List

Our sets are original music and usually around 45 minutes in length. Our shows are very physical and intense so we don't do multiple sets. But if an encore's appropriate, we'll make it a good one... 10-15 minutes. Rarely, we'll include a cover song in the encore.