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Jud Nester

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Jud Nester is a musical madman whose years of experience have put him on the frontlines of the music industry with the talent, drive, and resources to make a statement.


Jud Nester is a musical renaissance man who can be found anywhere good music is being
made or played. Ever since he was born Jud has shown a deep love for music. By the age of ten he was already writing lyrics and beginning to compose his own ideas for songs. By his teenage years he was performing live at numerous events, night clubs, and television shows with a group of friends. Already a veteran to the frontlines of the music industry Jud was poised for stardom at a young age when he withdrew from the spotlight and submerged himself into the underground music scene. Always honing his skills and talents Jud took every opportunity he could find that existed in the music community, from sound engineering school to working every aspect of studio and live productions. This led to establishing his own sound and production company, Imagination Sound LLC, to support his soaring aspirations. He has dedicated his life to the love of his craft
and over the years has accumulated the knowledge and experience needed for success. Once in his twenties Jud teamed up with long time, and best friend, Scotty Coats and D.J.’s Cocoe and Josh One to form the Abstract Workshop. Abstract Workshop is an eight year and running music and art event that has captured the hearts, ears and eyes of music and art lovers across the southwest and Hawaii.
Abstract Workshop recently expanded its vision by creating Abstract Workshop Music, the record label which facilitated the release of their original material. The first two releases have garnered local, OC Weekly, and international, BPM, fame boosting expectations for Jud’s next release. In 2006 Jud is positioned for lift off. With the support of Abstract Workshop, the foundation of local fame and the attention of the international music community, he is a name to know with a style to be recognized. Categorized in the hip hop, soul, and funk genres, Jud’s music breaks boundaries and fuses together all of his vast influences into a pop category with heavy urban and island influences. His first collaboration with the Fyre Department production team, “U Shoulda Seen Her On MySpace...”, will be the new anthem for the MySpace generation.


U Shoulda Seen Her On Myspace

Written By: Jud Nester and Tycoon


You Should of Seen Her On Myspace

Big Ole’ ----- And a Nice Waist

Now I Got Her Back At My Place

Sure Looks Different Here In My Face

Should of Seen her On Myspace

Friends Are Questioning My Taste

Wish They’d Get up off of My Case

Man You Should of Seen Her on Myspace

-Verse 1-

Myspace –Where We Agreed to Meet

My Place-Is Were I seen Her Teeth

Myspace –She’s From Malibu

My Place –Compton Tattoo

Myspace –Her Pictures Devine

My Place –Mustache is Thicker than Mine

Myspace –Shorty Real Cute

My Place –240 and 4-2

Myspace –I Was Magnetized

My Place –I Was Vandalized

Myspace –Nympho Smokin Hot

My Place-Clepto Stole my Watch

-Verse 2-

Myspace- It’s Tyra B

My Place- Biz Markie

Myspace – Had tricks that could work me

My Place- Had Cyphlis and Herpes

Myspace – This Chick Could Flip Lids

My Place – She’s Married With 6 Kids

Myspace – Blog On White Rappers

My Place- Clogged Up My Crapper

Myspace – Stepping… Attracting Me

My Place – Weapon… Attacking Me

Myspace- She Sports the Sports Look

My Place- She Supports George Bush

-Verse 3-

Myspace –Attractive Very

My Place –Back is Harry

Myspace –Half Nude and Lovely

My Place – Attitude and Ugly

Myspace –Baby’s the Next Star

My Place - Crazy stretch Marks

Myspace –Chest Was Tight

My Place - Transvestite

Myspace –She Stays Sleek Slim

My Place - She Weighs At Least 310

Myspace- You’re the Flyest Piece

My Place- You’re Not Somaya Reece


"U Shoulda Seen Her On Myspace" - Single (2006)
Abstract Workshop Music, I.S.
*getting airplay*
*online distribution*

"the Lab Rat" LP (2006)
Abstract Workshop Music, I.S.
*online distribution*

Abstract Workshop Presents- Jud Nester - EP Vinyl (2006)
Abstract Workshop Music, I.S., Ubiquity Records
*getting airplay*
*online distribution*

Myka 9 Citrus Sessions LP - (2006)
Citrus Sessions
*getting airplay*
*online distribution*

Sensational Librement Collection - Jason Blakemore - Production (2006)
Life Music
*online distribution*

Live From The Garage- Mix tape (2005)
Abstract Workshop, I.S.

SCUD "Scott Coats & Jud Nester" - EP Vinyl (2003)
Life Music

The Soundtrack in Dub - LP (2003)
Abstract Workshop, I.S.

Dubb Selekta -Remix- 12" Vinyl (2003)

Erinn Karman "Priceless" EP (2003)

Jason Blakemore "Ocean View" 12" Vinyl (2002)
Life Music

Vibration Workshop - EP (2000)

Positive Influence - 12" Vinyl (1993)
TNT industries

Live In The Corner - EP (1991)

Kinetic Krew - EP (1989)
K&K Entertainment

Set List

Changes Day to Day...Jud always keeps it fresh and spontaneous!
He has enough material for a 4 hour show...

Typical set times are
-DJ and MC (10-20 min. set)
-Enhanced Performance (20-45 min. set)
-Full Band (20-? min. set)