You won't want to miss the impactful, inspiring, passionate delivery of Diana Bush-Harris and Judah! Diana is a one of a kind songwriter with a relevant message. As a traveling vocal coach and trainer, her background has varied, but never lessened in impact. She is called "A gift of joy..."


The words powerful, soulful, and anointed are three words that best describe gospel’s rapidly rising Diana Bush-Harris and her debut CD, “By My God.” This stunning CD displays her strong vocal superiority and a myriad of musical genres that will illuminate the hearts of every listener, and with just one listen, you will quickly agree that she was intimately and personally inspired by her God!

Originally of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Diana now lives in Indianapolis Indiana further spreading her message of hope and encouragement through the gift of song and the ministry of exhortation. Diana’s universal style and deep sultry voice is reminiscent of Helen Baylor and Oletta Adams. However her fiery, passionate delivery that has earned her the nick-name “Sista Praise”. She successfully blends contemporary sounds intertwined with overlays of her trademark praise & worship style with a hint of a traditional music accompanied by gifted background singers whose vocals soar to the forefront and leaves listeners hearts opened and healed.

As a gifted songwriter of more than 40 song and lyrics to date, after years of teaching and inspiring choirs soloists, and worship teams, Diana now goes to another level to independently produce her first freshman project. Refusing to “die with her music in her”, Diana has come to the forefront with a heartfelt conviction that its time to share the message God has given her for His people. Her passion, musical ability, and love for God is apparent in this extraordinary CD. Songs like the jazzy, rhythm and blues feel, “If I,” “Is a love song to God that indicates His strong love for His people,” says Diana. The contemporary song “It’s a Pleasure to Say Yes”, was born when Diana came back to the Lord after 12 years on the streets in a backslidden condition to realize that the most challenging day living for God beats a lifetime of worldly living and “It is a pleasure to say yes to Him.” Not to mention “Praise is a Pavilion”, birthed from a realization that when you keep your praise, victory will find you because the joy of the Lord is your strength. Or even “The Way You love me” was born out of a personal revelation of God’s abundant mercy and grace as she tells the story exactly the way it happened.

Diana is the founder of Judah Praise Recordings, an independent record label and ministers the word of God in the office of Evangelist /Teacher. “Our Mission Statement is to meet the needs of people through inspiration, motivation and empowerment”. She has been a Minister of Music for more than 12 years and currently serves as an assistant to the Minister of Music, choir director and lead soloist at Mt. Paran Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana

Diana has opened up for luminaries such as Ricky Dillard and “New G”, shared the stage with LaShon Pace, Tye Tribbett and GA, Darius Brooks, Micah Stampley, Benita Washington, frequently ministers on TCT, The Indiana Christian Expo, the 97th Annual Holy Convocation for Church of God in Christ, was featured in Gospel Truth Magazine, The Urban Network Magazine, The Walker Theatre, Spirit Touch Magazine, Ink Newspaper, the News-Sentinel, Verizon Wireless Black History Month Concert, Indianapolis Charter Schools and Colleges, Performing Arts Foundations, was the recipient of a 2006 NAACP Gospel Music Image award, received “Honorable Mention” for 2004 Song of the year standing up to critics such as “Sheila E”, formerly of Prince, and frequently ministers for Conferences and musicals, weddings, funerals, banquets and the like too numerous to mention.

For inquiries, or booking, you may visit our website at www.dbharrisministries.net, where the CD is available, as well as CD Baby, Tower Records.


Sentiments of the Forgiven

Written By: Diana Bush-Harris

To know, and be known

And yet, loved, anyway

That’s the story, of my life, with my Savior (back to top)

Oh, how precious is, His love for me

Oh, how wonderful, His heart to me

To know, and be known

And yet loved, anyway

That’s the story, of my life, with my Savior

If I (A love song to God)

Written By: Diana Bush-Harris

If I (A love song to God)

If I could reach you
Then I would squeeze you
I would hold you so tight you could not breathe
If I could touch you
Then I would hold you
I would let you know, how much you mean to me

But I can reach out, and touch my brother
Then I could bear fruit and glorify your name
But I can reach out, and touch my sister
Then I could bear fruit and glorify your name

If I could grab you
I would whisper in your ear
I would let you know
You’re special and you’re loved
I want to love you
I never want to hurt you
I just want to show you, you’re the one I’m dreaming of

But I can reach out, and grab my sister
Then I could bear fruit, and glorify your name
But I can reach out, to someone who’s hurting
Then I could

Wedding Dedication - This is the Day

Written By: Diana Bush-Harris

Wedding Dedication Song -“This is the Day”

This is, the day, I’ve always, dreamed of
In these, precious moments, I marry, my true love
This is the day, I will seal, what is for real
This is the day, I won’t hold back, how I feel


This is the day, I’ve always dreamed of
In these precious moments, I marry, my true love
We’ll leave the past behind
And turn our backs against the wind
With the Lord on our side
There’s no way that we won’t win!

This time I’m sure, I know, its love
I feel secure, you’re right, its love
You’re my best friend, and I know, you know its true
You’re the one who makes me feel, That there’s nothing I can’t do

This is the day..
We’ll leave the past behind with our backs against the wind…

This is the moment, that I’ve prayed and asked God for
It started as a dream, a vision
And now I’m walking’ through the door
From this day on, honey you, and I, make one
I feel such peace, You know that I can feel the Son


I fell in love w/you
There’s one thing left to do
I’m wanna spend my whole life, with you
Stay, Stay, Stay with you…


By My God, Its A Pleasure to Say Yes, If I (A love song to God), Above all Gods, He Made me Righteous, Praise is a Pavillion, He Gave, Worship Medley, I found My Place, The Kingdom has Come, The Cup

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