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EP - City (2008)
LP - Follow The Sun (2011)
Single - Hoover (2012) Kooba Radio (UK) Oak FM, Joy 94.9, SWRFM.



JudahCall is an ambitious band. With their brew of driving beats and atypical sound combinations, they want to challenge you and make you like it too. Formed in 2005 by songwriting sisters, a social worker and a drumming youth leader - JudahCall’s heart is definitely in music that is positive and cool. This 4-piece electro/rock group has been on the Sydney club circuit (The Square, Landsowne Hotel) since their debut at The Annandale whilst regularly performing in youth outreach programs throughout NSW. Influenced by bands Mutemath, Famil Force 5 and Paramore, JudahCall has been working in the studio in search of new sonic experiences. Their EP’s City (2008) and Follow the Sun (2011) display how the group’s rock roots have evolved to include electronic synths and samples best evidenced in the new single Hoover (2012) from their yet to be released LP. Enjoying airplay in Australia (OAK FM, JOY 94.9) and the UK (Kooba Radio UK), JudahCall continues to develop a dedicated audience that is up for a challenge, a good beat, and a new sound.