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"FMQB Magazine"

"Judd Starr has written and contributed music for many shows on MTV and also for NBC’s Emmy Award winning Starting Over, now Judd Starr delivers his first, of what should be many hits to radio. “Firefly” boasts a sleek and sophisticated vocal performance, wrapped around a musical blanket of soulful rhythms." - Mark LaSpina / FMQB - FMQB / Mark LaSpina

"Anne Carlini Interview"

"Judd Starr is definitely a great illustration of the DIY musician mantra of today. Luminescent displays Starr's versatility as a multi-instrumentalist by completely changing his tone and approach to fit the different styles of songs on the album." - Exclusive Magazine

"Rock Net Review"

"I read that this CD was made up of musical experiences from his childhood until he finally recorded the CD. That's a long time to have music cooped up inside of you. He apparently did all of the instrumentation himself and wrote everything himself and produced it himself. I thought the CD was very well done. The instrumentation is quite excellent as I guess it would be when you're tracking everything yourself. The music was very melodic with great vocals and there was definitely a good variety of material." - Rocknet Webzine


"The tone is darkly optimistic and synthetic, with a rich layering of vocals and instrumentation. Starr's DIY approach to the album (he wrote, produced, mixed, sang, and even provided the photography) gives it the carefully crafted feel of a treasured project.

Tightly produced with funky hooks, 'Lets Play Commandant' combines elements of Joy Division with the playfulness of modern hip-hop, 'Firefly' lifts the spirits but suggests a deeper paranoia of the soul. The album is a compelling compilation of musical styles that seems destined for club re-mix. This album is an incredible example of what one talented individual can create once they've absorbed the lessons of a harsh industry and made it their own."

- Silverfish Magazine

"Music Reviewer Magazine"

"Singer/songwriter Judd Starr proves he is a man of many talents on his debut album Luminescent, which he wrote, performed, recorded and mixed himself, even doing the photography for the album cover. Catchy tunes and pop sing-a-longs make this album easily desirable. If I had to describe Starr in one word it would be eclectic. His voice and melodies adapt with each set of lyrics to produce a unique pop, alternative rock sound with a hint of country as well as even a pinchof electronic dance. One minute he has the smooth vocals of George Michael the next the jazzy rock of Dave Matthews.

Starr proves his worth in his song writing with clever, honest, relatable, and thoughtful lyrics.

For a first album, Judd Starr displays an impressive showing, especially lyrically. If Starr continues on this path, perhaps he can drop thelast ‘r’ in his name and claim his own spot on radio airwaves, magazines and i-pods." - Music Reviewer


"Firefly", is my single, released from the 14 track CD entitle "Luminescent". "Firefly" charted at #8 on FMQB's Top 40, which is comprised from a 200+ commercial radio station market. Previous to that, the CD was added to 100 college radio playlists. The video for "Firefly" was YouTube's #17 MOST LINKED and in the Top 100 MOST VIEWED music videos its 2nd day online. Subsequently, I was contacted by MTV Networks to license the entire CD to MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike TV and a number of other worldwide reaching channels.



When I set out to do this album, I promised myself that I would do what was right and true for me and not for anyone else. This was my chance to just write for myself. Writing songs which were built upon a combination of influences. Those influences have already been permanently ingrained within me. If people liked it....great. If not, then I wouldn't have any regrets. The last thing I wanted to do was pretend to be something I wasn't and get negative feedback. I would only have regrets later. I didn't want that. I figured there are enough artists screaming, rapping, pumping out distorted guitar, etc. I just wanted to write real songs I was proud of. Songs with a melody and message that people (including myself) could relate to.