Jude Bowerman Band

Jude Bowerman Band


Seein' Jude Bowerman is like beer-bonging a gallon of Red Bull.


Praised for his raw talent and immense guitar skills, Jude Bowerman’s original music unseats audiences all night and sends them home dripping with smiles and sweat.  Whether it’s his in-your-face gifted guitar playing, his insightful lyrics surrounding the human condition, performing 150+ shows every year in front of thousands of fans, or the way he interacts with the fans before, during and after shows – it’s obvious that Jude’s passion stems from the people in his life. 

Jude is surrounded by a group of veterans who have worked with everyone from Ani DiFranco and Pearl Jam's Dave Abbruzesse to Screaming Trees and Dusty 45's Mark Pickerel and Matt Chamberlin (who’s played with Macy Gray, Tori Amos, Edie Brickel, and Critters Buggin). Dale Fanning (drums) and Jon Markel (bass) form a funk-solid rhythm section honed through the band's non-stop touring and on-stage creativity. Nathan Spicer solidifies the lineup on B-3, Fender Rhodes and Hohner Clavinet.

Jude has been compared lyrically to artists such as Michael Franti (Spearhead) and Ben Harper, and his guitar playing to the legendary Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  He has shared the stage with diverse musical greats including funk/jazz keyboard player Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, rock icon George Thorogood, blues legend Johnny Winter and was even personally requested to open for Peter Frampton. 

Jude’s new live CD, Just Press Play (produced on his own label, Yellow Tone Records) is already receiving rave reviews - as is the DVD of the same live 2005 festival performance. 

Seeing a Jude Bowerman performance gives fans the opportunity to take home a raging, guitar slinging, crowd rockin’ show. Along with intense crowd interaction, tasteful and fiery guitar playing, a rich, dynamic, soulful voice and instantly memorable song writing, this is "the show” that proves live music is the best kind of music.


1st CD: Can't Help Myself
2nd CD: Jude Bowerman LIVE
3rd CD: Life Goes On
4th CD: We Only Met Yesterday
5th CD & DVD: Just Press Play

Jude can frequently be heard on independent radio and XM radio stations.

Set List

Typical set list includes original material such as:
Love Bug
Can't Help Myself
Life Goes On
Can You Feel It
Everybody's Got a Light
and many more.

Average set is 60-90 minutes in length.