Jude Davison

Jude Davison

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Adult contemporary, acoustic originals and classy covers - vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, perc, mandolin, baritone uke. Jude has opened for such artists as Jewel, Little River Band, has had a #25 hit in the USA (ac charts), and his songs have appeared in movies and such TV shows as "Baywatch".


Jude has been writing, recording, and performing original music for over 24 years. His compositions have been heard on radio (the single "Lifeline" reached #25 in the USA), and featured on television shows and films around the world ("Baywatch", "Cold Squad"). He has co-authored two screenplay projects with poet and collaborator Blake Parker – both featuring soundtrack albums, and has recently written and scored his first Broadway-style musical called Cybersoul. As a recording artist he has recorded 16 CDs which have been released in Canada, USA and Germany. Currently his musical direction is acoustic adult contemporary.


Ordinary Dream

Written By: Jude Davison

A slow parade, the rain it fills my cup
The dullest ache, whenever I give up
Something torn and twisted
Unraveling the seam
Wakes me from this ordinary dream

A sad refrain, sorrows at the door
Lost again, I’m crawling on the floor
Something to fall into
Something to ease the pain
Wakes me from this ordinary dream

Everytime I think of you
Love rains down again
Filling up the heart that falls to pieces
Now I know it’s nothing new
How can I explain?
The beauty of this ordinary dream

Photographs, the strangers I’ve become
Hold me now, until our time is done
Fading from existence
Across the open plain
Into another ordinary dream

Fading from existence
Across the open plain
Into some other ordinary dream


Main CD discography:
"Back to the Wonderful" (Crusoe 1993)
"Strange Fruit" (Crusoe 1996)
"God's Big Radio" (1999)
"Neurotic Erotica" (1998)
"Uncertain Heaven" (2002)
"Ordinary Dream" (2006)
"Angels in the Slipstream" (2005)
"Blue Martian Dusk" (2006)
"Highway Blues" (2006)
"Lizard Man" (2006)
"Cybersoul" (2003)

Set List

Originals: Oridinary Dream, Unspoken, Alone, God's Big Radio, Slow Resurrection, Winds of Destiny, New Clear Days, Wrong-Eyed Jesus, Crumbs of this World, Empire of Dust, Back to the Wonderful, The Giving Sea, Rejected, Stones.
Covers: Army Dreamers (Kate Bush), Forever in my life (Prince), Almost Blue (Elvis Costello), Good Company (Queen).