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The best kept secret in music


July 18, 2006
I saw Jude Dugan for the first time at a coffee shop in tacoma washington on july 15th. We were driving around with a friend up there and he said to go check the band out. I must say, the best concert performance i have ever seen in my life, ive been to a couple concerts, this was more up close and personal. Jude Dugan is a very talented band, i'm listening to one of their cd's right now and its awesome, although i think they should come out with a live cd, cause you guys sounds 20x better live. - The Sound Radio

Take the advise from someone who has been around a while. See them now because in 5 years, tickets to a Jude Dugan concert will be $65 or standing room only! Yes there that good! - Jackie Belles

I caught this band at the Panamonicas in Tacoma WA. A comfortable, comforting venue in a frightening part of town. Match the names Page, Matthews, Bonom (sp)to the players. It will take you about 3 seconds. These guys are very talented. They even have an "I can play anything" guy doing just that. Hey guys, I need another CD. gut busy! I want more music - Greg Plancich

WOW! You guys are so amazing. In ten years I'm going to look back and say to my child who just bought your latest cd, "Hey... I knew those guys." The look of awe and wonder on that childs face will be worth anything. I love your music and can't wait to see how far you guys go - Tony Johnson

SHHHHHH. Don't tell the Intellectual Software Police this, BUT: I have, on my ipizzle, the BOOTLEGGED JudeDugan tracks. They have changed my life. In a sea of sameness that is the music industry today, enters JD. I don't know what does it for me more. Blistering IC licks, Check. Rock Solid Bottom end: Roger that. Soulful vocal stylings, properly registering on the Angst-O-Meter, 10-4 Good Buddy! What else do you want? Metronome gone bonkers, yet strangely still in perfect time drumming? Sure, been there, got that. Clever hooky backing vocals that you sing along to the first time? C'mon, of course man, WTF?

Unfortunately for all you, I refuse to sell these tracks. I am a giver, but the world will all get JudeDugan in time, these guys are going big. You heard it here first.
- Brian Betts

I saw these guys play at Shakabra Java when my wife and I were in Seattle on vacation. They rock more than they have any right to. Keep Rockin! I requested a couple of CD's to circulate around Tucson. Everyone I have played them for loves them. I even odnated one to a local coffeehouse. - Unknown

I am so impressed by how far you guys have come and how much you have gone through and the straight heads you still have on your shoulders. I am so proud of you all. Please stay level and just the way you are. Thanks Guys! - Ashley Blake


We are currently finishing our first demo cd


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are often asked why the band is called JudeDugan even though not a single one our members is named, have never been named, or will ever be named Jude Dugan. It is a valid question. While our band was still nameless, we played a show at our high school, Auburn Riverside. On the Wall of Fame there was a picture of the man, the legend, the Jude Dugan. He was wearing a bright red beret and a goofy smile. The decision to name our band after him was unanimous. The story is probably better told in person. Once the name was decided on, we began playing shows at venues such as Seahawks Stadium, Jazz Bones, Shakabra Java, the White River Amphitheatre, Neeners Pub, Area 151, and Fenders. We have also played live on KGRGs Mornings with Bill show. Despite our playful nature, we do take music seriously. Our blend of rock, pop, blues, and soul (we call it Classic-Contemporary Bubblegum Death Polka Jazzcore) gives us a unique sound that is appreciated by all audiences.