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This band has not uploaded any videos



"... a blend of innovative collisions of sound.."

We enjoyed listening to your music and are playing it now again. This fusion goes far beyond Angelique Kidjo or Baba Maal refined by a majestic voice laced with a blend of innovative collisions of sound. Over all a subtle delight....

Zak Sikobe - Founding director of Medicine Music Production and Ripple Factor Ltd. UK



Keep Loving You (single, 2004)
Judee... Unmasked (album, 2005)



Judee has been a citizen of the world from age 7: the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Liberia, Eq. Guinea, China, France; A native of Cameroon now settled in Switzerland, all these cultures have enriched and influenced Judee's musical prowess.

Judee the songwriter keenly holds on to her African roots, flavouring many of her songs with African rhythmic vocals and/or ethnic instruments to "ethnocise" them, if you will. Judee calls it “Ethno Pop”: music that flirts with and is spiced with "ethno" music genres; Latino, Afro and Afro-Caribbean, yet keeping it leaning more towards pop as opposed to world. A welcomed bi-product of this is that it brings Judee’s continent ever closer to the rest of the world...

Judee the lead singer, known for her soft spot for non-smooth sailing love songs, feels musical empathy for this human condition that we all are at some time of our life. Judeemusic is the flag-bearer.

Judee the bandleader takes pleasure in lending her voice and music and her talented musicians to anyone who has a heart… Together they are set to hit any town, any place, anywhere…

Often asked, "Why are you just appearing 'now'?", she replies, "It's always been there, it's always been me, masked by other just as important facets of me... I chose to live my life in this sequence and the entire journey, the people I've met, have made me so much stronger as a person and as an artist, giving me much more to write and sing about now. My album, “Judee… Unmasked” is an affirmation of this. ”Unmasked, just to be me””

The future holds a promise of multiculturalism. For her part, Judee plans to continue to expand on a similar musical dream. Her goal: to blend music, to cut across different genres from R & B, soul, funk, through rock, latin, jazz and reggae, all the while, and most importantly, staying in touch with vibrant Africa and pop!