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Jude Elliot. The New York Sessions in progress...

It’s high time I got with the program. Jude is now a blonde rock babe slogging her guts out to make the big time, and with this new recording, even I can tell she’s got a potential hit or two on her hands.

The first songs, produced by Chris Young, are the kind of tunes I imagine songwriters are paid handsomely for by popsters’ managers who need a guarantee for their client to be in the top ten – while still retaining their edgy image. I could imagine Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Clarkson bitch-slapping it out for the privilege of “singing” them. Thankfully for us, Jude wrote them herself so it’s her genuine and soulful delivery we get to hear.

Opener ‘Ocean of Dreams’ is musically solid, punchy without being confrontational, a clever balance of heartfelt, Evanescence-style balladering and Killing Heidi style sing-along rock. ‘Thirteen’ is along the same lines. On ‘Imagined’, Jude lightens up – the bouncy pace mingles sweetly with the melody as she gives thanks for what life has offered her. This track works the best for its sincere joy, and walks the border of commercially acceptable and indie girl with confidence.

Of the other three tracks, ‘Unspoken’ is probably the weightiest, and it takes a certain kind of sympathetic ear to appreciate its earnestness. On the plus side, her subdued piano allows her voice to move to the forefront, and there’s no doubt she’s got a lot to offer on that front. Dance track ‘My beautiful disease’ is reminiscent of a Sarah McLachlan remix – there are good ideas, and lyrically it has strength, but the pitch changes of the synth are a little bit outside of my taste.

All in all, my wiser and very capable sandpit pal has created some great songs that showcase her strengths and potential. These works, polished up by New York hit makers and backed by her charisma and energy, will take Jude a giant step to where she wants – and deserves – to be.
- Mansize

"I have a great deal of respect for any artist who chooses to go their own way and produce their music independently. It is a tough but ultimately rewarding path to travel, and if it has it's down side, it is possibly the fact that due to monetary restrictions, artists might not have access to the kind of production which would really do their work justice. Not so Jude Elliot. The debut album, from this Adelaide based artist, showcases one of the more fully formed musical visions to find voice in recent times. Jude Elliot offers up a collection of songs that capture the essence of a performer whose gift is the ability to express a broad range of emotions, intimately, honestly, and within a rich musical tapestry. As a singer/songwriter, Elliot blends a finely tuned capacity for lyrical exploration with a voice which is equally adept at traversing the broad canvass she creates. Thus Believe in Empty is a singer/songwriters album, rather than that of a singer exploring a particular genre, or giving voice to words and music. There is an incredible joy and freedom to Elliot's explorations, as music and emotion come together to create songs which are not bound by the conventions of genre. Production throughout is equally attuned to each individual exploration, playing the balances between acoustic and tech sounds, and enriched by some wonderful arrangements for violin and cello. If you're looking for something fresh and entertaining, Believe in Empty is well worth a listen."
- Capital Q

"Jude has captured some absolutely stunning sounds on this collection of her own work. Sounding like she has all the confidence in the world her sweet yet powerful breathy vocals capture your imagination and the perfectly placed string arrangements compliment the songs well. The whole album has been played, recorded and produced locally, and really sounds like it could be an overseas product. Some very personal thoughts and emotions have found their way into her lyrics, which are also carefully laid out inside the sleeve, and this helps her to deliver the songs with conviction and strength in her range. A dark moody album in my mind and although there are definitely some good happy songs to be had, a kind of sweet sorrow feel is the overall effect it had on me. Loads of talent and home-grown to boot, a sensational debut, you will be hearing more from this gorgeous young performer without a doubt!"

- GT


"Starry Night" (Fogsongs/MGM)

"Little Things" (Fogsongs/MGM"

"A Gentle Glimpse of Waking" (Fogsongs/MGM)

"Dark Angel" (Central Station Records)

"Dark Angel" on "Godskitchen"

"Winter's Begun" on "Sounds Like Cafe"

All tracks/albums on radio rotation.



"Jude Elliot is a hot new prospect on the Australian Music Scene in the style of Alanis Morissette (a dash of Sarah McLachlan and a pinch of Jeff Buckley." (Merryn Johns, Editor lotl)

She is one of Australia's most exciting up and coming singer / songwriters with a knack for weaving intricate poetry into song.

For eight years Jude has been performing live acoustic gigs and at festivals and concerts throughout Australia and the USA. Blending classical strings and piano with earthy percussion and intricate guitars.

Influenced by the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Madonna, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Elbow and Daniel Johns; Jude's style embodies a contemporary acoustic rock feel.

Jude was a recent finalist in the MusicOz Awards for her new single, "Dark Angel" and shortlised in the 2009 APRA PD Awards, she was a finalist at the Australian Music Week industry showcase in Sydney of the most outstanding unsigned artists in the country and also a finalist in the SNAP youth music competition. Jude was nominated for the SAMIA most outstanding female solo artist award and is a previous finalist for the APRA Awards.

She has performed gigs with the likes of Teddy Thompson (US), Hawksley Workman (Canada), Jon Auer - The Posies (US), Evermore, Tyrone Noonan, Kate Miller-Heidke, as well as Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set, Farryl Purkiss (Sth Africa), Jon Stevens and Monique Brumby and was the former lead singer of the rock band The J's.

Jude composed the music score for the theatre production The Boys at the George Theatre, has written classical instrumental scores for short films and visual art installations

She is currently working on her second major solo release "A Poem for Rose" in the Adelaide Hills after the success of her first album release "A Gentle Glimpse of Waking" (Fogsongs/MGM) for which she received national radio, press coverage and rave reviews for both the album and follow up national tour.

Jude has returned from New York City where she was recording and performing and has been signed to the publishing company, Fogsongs and also to Central Station Records with upcoming releases on Ministry of Sound and Godskitchen.

Most recently, Jude combined forces with UK Producer Ericson (formerly from Skipraiders) to create electronic tracks such as "Starry night", "My Beautiful Disease" and most notably "Dark Angel" which is being featured on the 2009 Godskitchen release and is being released commercially on August 28 2009 through Central Station Records.