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Jude Johnstone

Cambria, California, United States | INDIE

Cambria, California, United States | INDIE
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""Quiet Girl" review"

Maverick Magazine (UK)

Jude Johnstone

"Quiet Girl"

Bojak Records

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Quiet Girl, you say? Not so! This is a smoldering, passionate song collection infused with melancholy.

Although her family tree includes generations of North Maine blueberry farmers, music has always been Jude Johnstone's passion and driving force. As soon as she could reach the keys of the family parlour piano, she began writing songs. Given an early career helping hand by the E Street Band's Clarence Clemons - his trademark tenor sax can be heard (here) on the uptempo Don't Wake Me Up - she eventually found a home and work base on America's west coast. In time, Johnstone's songs were covered by Stevie Nicks, Jennifer Warnes, Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Emmylou Harris and the late Johnny Cash. (Jude's) Unchained furnished the tile of Big John's 1997 Grammy winning Best Country Album.

Following a couple of jazz/blues inspired outings, Johnstone slips back into singer-songwriter territory on Quiet Girl, her 5th album in a solo recording career that began a mere 8 years ago (with Coming of Age). Emmylou Harris's most recent album featured a cover of the Mainer's Hold On and (here) Harris adds her voice to the title song which launches this disc. Other guest vocalists include Jimmy LaFave (I Don't wanna Go Home) and J. D. Souther (On That Train), while the supporting choir on the heartfelt yet vitriolic Cry for New Orleans includes a pair of Cowsills - John and Susan, John's wife Vicki Peterson (Bangles) and Rodney Crowell.

Great albums require songs that can, over time, sustain repeated hearing. Blessed by 'need to hear that again' moments, they ascend to a singular treasured echelon. Among the many Quiet Girl moments are album co-producer Charles Duncan's flugel horn sample on Josephina - a song that is equal parts Californian and Mexican, the soulful I Pray For Rain, the heart-wrenching On That Train, Maxayn Lewis's gospel tinged support vocal on Angel at Your Door and John Edwards' french horn on album closer The Smell of Summer. In a recent interview for the Pop Matters web site, Johnstone quantified her writing influences as: "I was greatly inspired by all things melancholy, whether it be music, movies or philosophy." Melancholy is probably my favorite shade of song lyric and this collection snagged me hook, line and sinker.

Like Gretchen Peters, having established a reputation as an exceptional (hit) songwriter, Jude Johnstone graduated to a solo recording career. Come to think of it, Yearwood covered the Peters's timeless On A Bus To St. Cloud (as has Lafave), and in the spring of 1992 Trisha took Jude's The Woman Before Me to number 4 of the US country singles chart. If you have a sneaking affection for Gretchen Peters's music, then you'll simply adore Jude Johnstone's Quiet Girl.........Arthur Wood - Maverick Magazine

""Quiet Girl" review"

Title: Quiet Girl
Genre: Americana
Label: Bojak Records

Jude Johnstone is one of those great vocalists that will become an immediate revelation when you first hear her. For this listener, she is an artist I always look forward to hearing after enjoying her
first four releases. I can feel myself welling up with emotion as the first track starts. Her music will do that to you. Quiet Girl is her fifth album. After journeying down the road of jazz and blues the new release takes a decidedly different turn to Americana and the results are fantastic. Jude’s voice is so pliable and eclectic she could quite frankly sing anything. Her style is warm and expressive and with that every track tells a story you find yourself engrossed in. The most endearing point of all ten tracks on Quiet Girl is their sincerity and the music that so easily interprets the lyrics into something believable. Where this is most evident is on the heart rending “Cry For New Orleans”, a tribute to people of that great city and all the suffering that is still evident years after Katrina hit.
Jude has a fine group of musicians backing her once again and they also play live with her as well so there is an established comfort zone. Most impressively Ms. Johnstone had a large part in the production of this fine release with Charles Duncan. Everything about this recording is craftsmanship on display in the most affirmative way. Every aspect is polished and perfected to bring out the very best the vocalist has to offer. My guess would be the singer managed the vocal duties efficiently on this release. I say that because she is such a true talent that always sounds so effortless. Jude not only sings for New Orleans she sings for us all one way or another. There is some aspect of our lives in these 10 tracks. “Angel At Your Door” is an absolute classic, it sounds like something Springsteen, Dylan or Johnny Cash would sing. It’s not any of those legendary performers, it’s a lady by name of Jude Johnstone and if you have not discovered her yet its time you did. Jude Johnstone may be a Quiet Girl but her music and voice are larger than life.
5/5 Stars
Key Track- Angel At Your Door, Cry For New Orleans, Quiet Girl
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-MuzikReviews.com Founder
January 3, 2011
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""Quiet Girl" review"

Midwest Records.com
JUDE JOHNSTONE/Quiet Girl: One of the most August (melancholy) songwriters in contemporary music returns with her fifth album of under the radar music loaded with guest turns by her August pals who want to see her stop being under the radar and in the background. Returning to the Americana roots of her first two sets, sure this is loaded with a preview of the hits of tomorrow, but it makes a statement all on it's own. In the past, her solo sets were extravaganzas for songwriting fans. This set might be a turning point for Johnstone fans who may soon find themselves with less elbow room around them. - MidwestRecords.com

"Jude Johnstone/Quiet Girl"

"On her latest, Quiet Girl, Jude Johnstone summons heartbreak with rootsy yearning and elegant restraint." - USA TODAY

""Quiet Girl" review"

http://netrhythms.co.uk/reviews.html#jude - Netrhythms.co.uk

""Quiet Girl" review"

"Jude Johnstone's 'Quiet Girl' draws all the best from her previous releases and all that she has
experienced into the perfect 'quiet hurricane' of observation and transformation that
makes for great, great songs."

Viv Nesbitt, Art of the Song Creativity Radio - NPR radio's "Art of the Song"

""Quiet Girl" review"

"On her latest, Quiet Girl, Jude Johnstone summons heartbreak with rootsy yearning and elegant restraint." - USA TODAY

""On A good Day""

…”From the tender (“skin to skin the way they talked and the sound of love when it’s spoken softly in the light of dawn”), to aging, to life’s hard lessons, nothing is spared and everything is beautified by Johnstone’s imagery.” - Performing Songwriter Magazine

""Coming of Age""

Billboard Magazine

“Songs rarely sound so potent as when they are delivered by the songwriter who penned them. After years of having her songs cut by the likes of Trisha Yearwood, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, Jennifer Warnes, and Bette Midler, Jude Johnstone breathes life into her own compositions with her debut disc, Coming of Age. The BoJak Records collection showcases Johnstone’s intimate vocal style and finely crafted compositions. - Billboard Magazine

""Coming of Age""

“Coming of Age” is a triumphant, emotional effort that melds bluesy, Americana rock with lush, smart production and intense honesty… delivered in Johnstone’s distinct, beautiful voice.” - Performing Songwriter Magazine

""On A good Day""

“During Jude Johnstone’s 20-year career as a songwriter, artists including Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, Trish Yearwood, and Bette Milder have recorded her songs. Her second solo album, On A Good Day, features songs inspired by her family and her early formative years in Maine. They convey a beautifully textured emotional landscape full of strong feelings and colorful characters. Joined by the likes of Rodney Crowell, Julie Miller, Jackson Browne, and Bonnie Raitt on backing vocals, each of the 11 songs of On A Good Day makes a strong first impression. My favorite, "Hard Lessons," has a powerful gospel feeling that showcases Johnstone’s commanding and expressive voice. Great stuff." - Vintage Guitar Magazine


"Coming of Age"
(2002, BoJak Records)

"On A Good Day"
(2004, BoJak Records)

"Blue Light"
(2007, BoJak Records)

"Mr. Sun"
(2008, BoJak Records)

"Quiet Girl"
(2011, BoJak Records)

(2013, BoJak Records)



Born in Bar Harbor, Maine, Jude Johnstone began writing songs at around age 8, playing the local clubs at 16 and at 18, she was "discovered" by E-Street Band saxophonist, Clarence Clemons. After spending some time in New York and New Jersey under his wing, in 1979, she moved to Los Angeles, where her songs quickly became sought after by other artists. She has been covered by Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler, Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks, Jennifer Warnes, Trisha Yearwood etc., including a #1 song for Yearwood's debut album called "The Woman Before Me" which earned her a BMI award. She also penned the title track to Johnny Cash's Grammy winning album "Unchained."

Jude has released 5 cds of her own and will be releasing the 6th cd, "Shatter", in February of 2013. She has been featured on NPR's Morning Edition and on performed LIVE on CBS This Morning. Johnstone's songs have also been featured on Lifetime television's "Army Wives", Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" and Fox TV's "Lie To Me." Her song "In This House" (featured on "Army Wives") won a 2008 IMA for best song in a dramatic series.

"On her latest, "Quiet Girl", Jude Johnstone summons heartbreak with both roosty yearning and elegant restraint." USA TODAY