Jude the Innocent

Jude the Innocent


Jude the Innocent is a new rock band out of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex eager to play, seeking to please, and (for a price) ready to love.


Greetings…we are a power trio of insane judish rockers with acoustic pop sensibilities and lots of testosterone and sexyness. Especially Jeff, he exudes sex, and is a rather sexual human being..., so ladies (and boys), take note… "Jude the Innocent" is a supergroup (you know, like Asia or Oysterhead) comprised of Jeff Streicher (formerly of "Driving East"), Mike Heath (formerly of "Signal 13"), and Jesse Meik (of The Future Unlived). Although the actual formation of the band is top-secret, our sources tell us that "Jude" is the brain child of the Muzak Corporation--and is a powerful marketing campaign to bring bland elevator music into the 21st century. "Jude" the band is controlled by an aggregrate of A.I. neural networks collectively known as JUDE. Please do not scoff, as JUDE will have his way. It is widely believed that the moniker “the Innocent” was put in place by the Muzak Corporation to downplay the subversive motives of the band, and to prevent web searches from bogging down on "Jude the Obscure" which is a lovely variety of rose. If you are not careful, and pay proper respect, Jude will put you in the corner.


Jude the Innocent Demo (2008)


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Set List

We typically play a set of 30 minutes to 1 hour of all original material.

Current play list as of 29-Nov-2008 [with respective play times (in min)]

1. Whiskey Division [ca. 03:00]
2. Tiger Lily (This was a love song) [ca. 3:30]
3. Venus: Ending [ca. 03:00]
4. Suffer the Ride [ca. 05:00]
5. Hangover Diplomacy [ca. 04:00]
6. Karamazov [ca. 03:30]
7. Entropy = You [ca. 03:15]
8. Space Crystals [ca. 04:30]
9. Pandaemonium [ca. 06:00]
10. The Giant's Drink [ca. 03:30]
11. Referee [ca. 03:20]
12. Jude and the Soiled Love Affair [ca. 04:30]