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Emerging hip hop artist Judicial, Martin Francis, was born March 11, 1990 in St. Thomas of the U.S.V.I. At age four, he moved to Orlando, FL. Then at the age of ten he started rapping. “I started rapping with friends to consume time and stay away from the troubled neighborhoods surrounding us; my original aim was to play basketball and see where that would take me, but then music grew on me in a way I never would expect.” Inspired by artists such as LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, No Limit Soldiers and the dynamic duo 8 Ball and MJG; Judicial developed his very own style. “I respected the grind of these artists and the stories they would tell causing me to tell my own. I know somebody would be able to relate. Whose to say my story can‘t help them find their path and role in life.” In 2004, Judicial moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he then started pursuing and taking music seriously. When asked why he didn’t pursue music sooner, Judicial responded, “Timing is everything. You come out unprepared and this game just like any other will swallow you. So after I jab a few times and figure out my opponent, I don’t want to follow up with another jab; I want to throw consistent haymakers and end with an uppercut, (if you understand what I’m saying). To answer your question more vividly; I took time to perfect my craft so when I do get out there I can give my accumulated fans hit after hit.” But before you question his experience, Judicial has previously released two mix tapes before the age of 17, none of which have been solo. Now as a solo artist he has been finishing up his demo and also his third but first solo mix tape, which he entitles 1st Floor. He is currently participating in several open mics and showcases in the Atlanta Area. Places such as; Breaker’s Music Hall, Red Light Café, Apache Café, Club Miami on Mondays , and Figure 8 on Saturdays where he has won numerous times. With his older brother behind bars, Judicial has assumed responsibility as the oldest male in his home, causing him to stay focused and grounded. Currently working his radio ready single, look out for Judicial and the Home team (his street team).

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1st Floor [EP] 2008
Over The Top [EP] (Coming Soon) 2010

She Can Get It Ft. J.C
I'm Loving It
Cigarettes & Liquor
25 Dollars (On my Dresser)