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Judi Reynolds


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Imagine What God Can Do

Written By: Judi Reynolds

1. If I could take a seed and plant it in good ground a mighty oak could grow in its place.
A mustard seed of faith can bring a mountain down when it's planted with His power; when it's planted with His grace.
Imagine what God can do with what we give Him.
With five small loaves and fishes He can feed a hungry crowd.
With just one touch of His holy power He can turn a life around.
Take my life and bless it Lord, I am planting it in holy ground.

2. With just a breath of faith a destiny is changed--
a life turned around to be used in God's plan.
He'll lead you by His power. He'll carry you with grace
forever in His heart; forever in His hand.
We are His people. This is the place. This is the hour at which we stand.
As we lay our lives be-fore-Him and plant them in this place.
Could a million come to know Him from a seed blessed by His hand. (to chorus)