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The best kept secret in music


"Moovers and Shakers-Editor's Pick"

This past spring, Judith Avers quietly left Denver for the hills of West Virginia. Sadly, she moved before folks really got a chance to know her, but at least she left behind this achingly beautiful disc to remember her by. Strong Hand's sparse arrangements allow Avers's beguiling voice to take center stage. If only those hands were strong enough to keep her here.
--Dave Herrera, Westword Magazine December 2005 - Dave Herrera- Westword Magazine

"Artist Review"

Colorado-based singer/songwriter Judith Avers writes songs that you want to wrap your arms around and bring home to bed with you. A stunningly prolific writer, she's written hundreds of songs in a handful of years. If fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a dud in the entire bunch. Judith writes songs of love lost, love found, and love lost again; songs about the past, about too much loneliness and not enough of it; and songs about sorrow and rage and unchained joy and release. - B. Rhoda

"Performer Magazine- Record Review"

Many musicians use their music as an emotional outlet — a way to express what’s on their minds and a way to gain some sort of peace through their expression. Judith Avers’ Strong Hands illustrates songwriting as an outlet. Her album begins with the soft plucking of an acoustic guitar and the first track, “Better Off,” leads the album with a tale of loneliness. Her well-established sound can be likened to artists such as Gillian Welch, Rosie Thomas and Gemma Hayes, to name a few. It is no wonder the native Kansan (West Virginia transplant) has developed a name for herself; she has played with the likes of Glen Phillips, The Fray and The Subdues while touring around the nation.

In “Two Little People,” Avers sings of a couple that seems to finally get what they want and come to the realization that a big house is no better than what they had when they started out. Her other songs reflect this longing for something more, a sort of fulfillment, and whether Avers’ songs are autobiographical or fictional, their impact is the same. The tonality is somber and her imagery presents the listener with an aching feeling that mirrors the subjects of her songs. Avers’ voice is haunting and captivating, ranging from a low-toned huskiness to higher, more whisper-like notes.

It seems as though this album represents a certain lost someone, perhaps a friend or lover. Undoubtedly, Strong Hands symbolizes a channel of some sort for Avers, who sings, “I’ll get on / I’ll get by.” The simplicity of her instrumentation is perfectly balanced by the honesty of her lyrics. Horns are sometimes used, and Strong Hands maintains its organic feel due to the album’s simplicity. Sometimes simpler really is better, and Avers provides a shining example. (Satire Records)


-Lauren Alexis Begnaud - Performer Magazine- Lauren Alexis Begnaud

"2005 Woody Guthrie Contest Winner"

The Oklahoma Songwriters & Composers Association, in association with The Woody Guthrie Coalition, is proud to announce the Annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. This international, folk-oriented songwriting contest is held in conjunction with the 10th Annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, held in Woody’s hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma, each July.

Judith Avers - 3rd place winner for her original song "What Do I Gotta Be Poor For?" - Tom Marshall

"Judith Avers added to lineup for CAM record release- featuring artists: The Fray, Yonder Mountain String Band, among others!!"

Judith Avers has won a slot on the much-anticipated CAM record compilation.

Judith's original song, "Better Off", will be joining the disc with artists:
The Fray
Born In The Flood
Yonder Mountain String Band
Hazel Miller
Gann Mathews
Nina Story

This new singer/songwriter looks as if she is here to stay.
-2005 - Colorado Cuts Artist Compilation

"Best Female Singer/songwriter"

Judith Avers voted Denver's Best Female Singer/Songwriter 2005.

Armed with just an acoustic guitar and a gorgeous voice that alternately recalls Gillian Welch, Rosie Thomas and Paula Cole, singer/songwriter Judith Avers could literally sing the classified ads and still be positively riveting. Fortunately, that won't be necessary: Avers is equally adept and compelling as a storyteller, crafting heartrending tales steeped in both hopefulness and despair.
-Westword Magazine, Denver's Premier Music Mag - D. Herrera- Westword

"Judith Avers contributes music to Rabbit Hole Radio Theater"

Judith Avers is one of the regional acts to lend their talents to our production. Music from Judith's CD, Greasefire, provided background and mood for the MAJOR ARCANA series. Thanks! - Fort Collins RHRT

"Steppin' Out - Eye on the Arts"

I want to know why you are how you are. An instance of insufferable memory came gripping my senses after I had harnessed the mountainous musical sensation of this truly remarkable sound and sonnet. Her soft presence made a lighthearted comfortableness inside myself. The songs were like grandma's patchwork and by the end, she had sewn together a blanket and wrapped me in it. Soft and melodic folk lullabies folded me into the warmth of spring and left me with creases in time as she sang in one of her songs, "I would wear you if I could." A reflection of my own life as I heard her stories and my own voice begging for me to recall! recall! all that brought me to this moment. Judith Avers- tell me your story.

The mildest bean in town, The Wild Bean, let everyone in on this peaceful sound. All generations were invited into this user-friendly coffee and smoothie bar on Friday, March 9th and all showed up to fill the place. From Liberal, Kansas, Judith Avers is a strong woman with one acoustic guitar, one voice, and the simplicity of truth. She stated that she didn't know what faith was until she discovered Ani Difranco and Independent films. What do Ani Difranco and indie films have in common? They dirupt the mainstream flow, because one person decides to venture off and pursue their own vision through faith. Faith is free and life is independent...how often we forget. Judith Avers is not only a singer/songwriter, but she is also involved with a program that is designed to empower teenage women of West Virginia. Go to www.highrocks.org to find out more about this tuition free leadership program.

The beauty of listening to Judith is the ear's sensation of hearing poetry in motion; listening to folk stories enhanced by music. These songs exist in the time the song explains, and although the times change, the song remains the same. The past cannot be changed, so neither can your story...
-Danielle Fleschner - Greenbrier Valley Entertainment Guide Show Review by Danielle Fleschner


Greasefire (Studio) 2003
Jude LIVE (Live) 2003
Strong Hands (Studio) 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in Southwest Kansas, far removed from any sort of modern music scene, Avers was spoon-fed country classics like Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Her earliest memory of music is Patsy Cline melting in her ears, "Blue moon of Kentucky, keep on shinin'..." Judith spent some time in various small towns in Kansas and Nebraska before moving to Colorado in 1996. She found herself in a new state with no friends, no job and plenty of time to practice on her brother-in-law's acoustic guitar. She started writing songs; great big, 7-10 minute long songs with the 3 chords she knew. This approach really wasn't working very well, so she decided to start a band. She created (with the help of harmonica man Dan Barerras and guitar wizard, Billy Varn) the band I Know Jack. After a fairly successful 6 year run with IKJ, 3 studio albums, lots of crazy wild shows, a few wedding proposals (don't ask), several human teeth and some solid friendships still in place, she took off on her own musical pursuit. Since then, she has recorded and performed with friends from all necks and knees of the country, establishing an insanely loyal following. In late 2003, she released 2 self-produced albums and has sold thousands at shows along the way. More recently, in July 2005, she co-produced her latest CD "Strong Hands" with Jack Redell (Founder of Satire Records, The National Underground and winner of Denver's Choice Best Male Singer/Songwriter). Together they burned a lot of candles, drank a lot of tea and spent every weekend trying to capture the essence of Judith's live performance. The CD has been met with great response.

In late July 2006, Judith relocated to West Virginia. Prior to her move, she became the proud award winner of Denver's Best Female Singer/Songwriter 2005 by Westword Magazine, Colorado's leading Music Mag. She was also a winner in the National Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest with her original tune, "What Do I Gotta Be Poor For," and 2004 BEAMS Rising Star Song Contest Winner. Judith has been fortunate enough to share the stage with such great talents as The Fray, Holly Near, Glen Phillips, John Sebastian, Devotchka, John Magnie from the Subdudes, Liz Barnez, Nina Storey, and songwriting legends Gary Harrison, Tia Sillers, Mark Selby, Randy Sharp, Mark D. Sanders, and Gary Chamberlain among others. She has played large venues, small venues, coffee houses, theatres, festivals, pride events, opening gigs, closing gigs, in-the-middle gigs, Unitarian services, Unity services, house concerts, garage concerts and anywhere open-minded music-loving folks gather. She is a songwriter, a performer, and a fantastic singer who relates to her audience, their experiences and the world around her.

If you looked in Judith's CD player on any given day, you'd most likely find a few of her favorites: Gillian Welch, Jay Farrar, Chris Smither, Ani Difranco, Patti Griffin or Cat Stevens - all of whom she loves, but does not imitate. She truly loves writing and performing; it is painfully obvious at her shows.

"Possessing a voice of an angel with personal lyrics that grind into your guts like a blade, Judith is quickly establishing herself as one of the most entertaining and heart wrenching solo acts out there." B. Rhoda