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Judy Aron

Long Valley, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Long Valley, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


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"Judy Aron - Curious Jude"

"Standing at the crossroads of folk and rock, just down the street from pop, Judy Aron's "Curious Jude" CD strikes a wonderful balance between heartfelt introspection and a no-punches-pulled view of the world around her. There is humor (Construction on Madison Avenue), longing (Homesick), heartbreak (Devil's Advocate)...in fact, this disc covers the whole range of human emotions and wit, style AND best of all, chops. Judy sings, play guitar, bass and keyboards and with the help of able support musicians, she has produced a collection of smart, accessible songs that stands up to multiple listenings, while the lyrics read like poetry (I mean that in the best way) and the playing always reveals something unexpected. Judy is a talent worth searching for."

**** - MusicHead Magazine, April 2001

"Judy Aron - Curious Jude"

"Judy Aron's CD is one of those ground-up [by the industry] projects; no big record company money behind it, no huge promotional budget, just her and a some songs and her band. Aron has been playing around the New Jersey area for a while now. Her CURIOUS JUDE wasn't recorded in her bedroom on a four track, but it has that loose flavor to it, so going into the studio didn't hurt her any. She lists Ani DiFranco and 10,000 Maniacs as her influence, but manages to filter out the occasional obnoxiousness of the former and the pretentiousness of the latter on her own work. And therein lies one of the benefits of recording technology: absence of label support notwithstanding, these songs should be heard.

CURIOUS JUDE is a warts and all project, with some of the insecurities of recording left in the mix. Aron's voice is a bit thin in parts, and she doesn't have the guitar chops of Bonnie Raitt. But, interestingly enough, these minor quibbles work in her favor on this material. I was reminded in spots of early, "Marlena on the Wall" pre-techno Susan Vega. Aron's strength here is in her lyrics, which on occasion, reach the level of pause-and-repeat. On "Stay," Aron slips quietly from despair to hope in less than three and a half minutes, and does it quite adroitly. "Some Day" implores a friend (lover) to wait until she's ready to open up ("some day I'll step outside the walls/and welcome you"). "Construction on Madison Avenue" strings together advertising slogans which have ensconced themselves in the American consciousness and turns them into a love song. This is a risky trick -- in the hands of a lesser talent it would have made for a cute train wreck -- but Aron brings it off quite nicely. She also manages to sum up the whole Mars/Venus debate in one line from "Devil's Advocate" --- "I can talk in circles/while you can speak in lines." Yes, there is a lot going on here.

CURIOUS JUDE is an introspective project, and hopefully the first of many. There are undoubtedly other Judy Arons out there, honing their songwriting chops. This CD will give them encouragement. Hopefully Aron will give us more songs as well. Recommended."

- AMZ MusicZine - Joe Hartlaub, reviewer

"Judy Aron - the last thing on your mind"

"This CD was the best investment of $10 I've ever made!" - Katie Baker, tubist


"Curious Jude" - 2000 - Streaming all over the internet!
"the last thing on your mind" - 2003 - streaming all over the internet!
"Call It What You Will" - 2007 - Streaming everywhere :)



Eight years ago, Judy shared some of her songs with a friend of hers, who insisted that she record them so that other people could get a chance to hear them. More comfortable sliding the faders than in a vocal booth, she reluctantly agreed. Eight years later, Judy is still recording - still writing - and still more comfortable in the control room...
However, she has stuff to say - thoughts to get out of her head - Hopefully into yours...
Judy has been playing throughout the tri-state NY / NJ / PA area for the past 12 years in various bands, in addition to her solo outings. Be on the lookout for "Beautiful Mess", her fourth full-length release.