Judy Aron

Judy Aron

 Long Valley, New Jersey, USA

Catchy tunes and thoughtful lyrics...Truly memorable songs from a songwriter who represents what a real American Idol should be.


Eight years ago, Judy shared some of her songs with a friend of hers, who insisted that she record them so that other people could get a chance to hear them. More comfortable sliding the faders than in a vocal booth, she reluctantly agreed. Eight years later, Judy is still recording - still writing - and still more comfortable in the control room...
However, she has stuff to say - thoughts to get out of her head - Hopefully into yours...
Judy has been playing throughout the tri-state NY / NJ / PA area for the past 12 years in various bands, in addition to her solo outings. Be on the lookout for "Beautiful Mess", her fourth full-length release.


Right Behind You (The Stalker Song)

Written By: Judy Aron

Right Behind You

I looked in through your window.
You were standing inside.
Turning off lights,
Trying to hide.

I tried dialing your number.
You stood right by the phone,
And let your machine inform me
That you’re not at home.

I don’t know why you decided, to keep me away.
Wherever you go, I want you to know,
I’ll be right behind you.
And if you should run, it’s all he more fun.
I’ll stay right behind you.

I just want your attention.
Guess I’m not worth your time.
So I’ll just show you,
That you’re worth mine.
I don’t know why…

I climbed in through your window.
You were screaming inside.
Running through doors,
Trying to hide.

The Last Thing on Your Mind

Written By: Judy Aron

Last Thing on Your Mind

It’s not the brightest thing to do.
Ignore the world while I obsess about you.
I know that it’s insane, but I do it anyway
with the hope against all hope that things are going to change.
This is the love that lasts forever –
the kind that you know from first sight.
The kind that keeps you up at night. The kind that burns you up inside,
and while the midnight candle burns you wonder why it’s not returned.

Can someone tell me
why life is so unkind
– that you’re all I ever think about
and I’m the last thing on your mind.

So I’ll put myself together.
You can break me down.
Maybe I should stop relying on the thought you’ll stop denying
there’s a chance that you might find me growing on you now.
Can someone tell me...
Mind the answers, for one day you might find
that I’m all you ever think about, and you’re the last thing on my mind.

Chasing the Sun

Written By: Judy Aron

Take a moment – Take the top down and just try to stretch our legs.
Throw the map out and throw caution to the wind instead.
And we’ll drive along as the miles stretch on and on and on and on.

Wake me up when this is over.
Wake me when the journey’s done.
We can drive all night, until we reach the morning light.
While you race the moon, I’ll still be chasing the sun.

And we wake to find a new day – We end up in a new place.
Surfing stations for our favorite songs.
And we’ll sing along –
Wondering where all the time has gone.

We’ve only just begun our journey –
Our tires are burning tracks upon the road.
So many miles to go – So many miles to go.


"Curious Jude" - 2000 - Streaming all over the internet!
"the last thing on your mind" - 2003 - streaming all over the internet!
"Call It What You Will" - 2007 - Streaming everywhere :)

Set List

A typical set list is a mash-up of the 4 CDs, plus a sprinkling of cover songs. Sets can be 30 minutes to 3 hours....Full-on electric or acoustic. Solo or full band...very flexible.