Judy Martin Hess

Judy Martin Hess


Judy Martin Hess embarks in to new territory with her debut Contemporary Christian release "Color Me." on Mission House Music. Featuring the 2007 top 15 Inspirational Single "Beautiful to me"Color Me offers the listener an upclose and personal journey in to her Judys experiences.


Judy Martin Hess is certainly no stranger to Christian music, having been a part of the, already legendary, Martins. As a part of The Martins, Judy has received a Grammy nomination, multiple Dove Awards, and countless fan awards. With career highlights that include appearances at New York’s Carnagie Hall, The White House, and nearly a decade of performances on Bill Gaither’s award winning video and concert series, one could understand if this, now seasoned, singer might apt to hide behind some of the acclaim and find a more quiet place to live, but Judy Martin Hess remains steadfast in her calling to be out front and unguarded. “ I feel better, more balanced, and closer to whole when I sing and speak about my struggles. It keeps me reminded of what God has brought me through and what He has done for me and the people I love.” Says Judy. “I am becoming more and more comfortable with myself and who God wants to be in me.” Recently Judy has charted new ground by adding a band to her solo ministry. “I feel so challenged, both musically and spiritually, by these people. I am excited for others to experience the heart and the unique talent of this group.” With her newly formed band Judy ministers with a passion that can only be found in someone whose life has been, and continues to be, profoundly impacted by the love of Christ. “ I have found myself, more lately, wanting to speak simply and honestly to people about His love. What I do is not fancy or elaborate, but it is honest, and that is who I want to be.” Adds Judy. Judy’s ministry is based in Columbus, Georgia, where she lives with her husband Jake Hess Jr. and their three children.


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