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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Pre-Album Chapter 3: One Way



Juga Hill is a Seattle-based Hip-Hop Artist. For the 25-year-old MC, music has provided an outlet that has allowed him to move away from negative influences in his life that he grew up around. Raised in a single parent home, stability was a stranger to Hill who only knew his father through the letters he sent from the penitentiary. Juga Hill spent most of his childhood in the then-hardened Central District of Seattle but went to schools in the more privileged north end of the city. "Most of the people I spent a lot of my time with were trapped in the vicious cycle that most African-American families were in… for me, all of these experiences served as a driver to never be just a statistic." He was inspired to prosper and succeed when he saw classmates with things that he did not have such as the latest fashions and toys. Hill got his first taste of making money as a child selling Kool-Aid to bikers and joggers on the trails that lead through the University of Washington campus.
When he was 14-years-old, for a fresh start, Juga’s mother moved him and his younger brother to Atlanta, Georgia where he started his solo rapping career. While in Atlanta, confusion, anger, and other adolescent problems and emotions burdened his relationship with his mother to the point that he was kicked out of her house at the age of 17. It was at this time that he moved back to Seattle to live with his uncle. While living in his uncle’s home he attended Rainier Beach High School in the part of the city with the highest crime rate. After three months at Rainier Beach, Juga’s actions got the best of him and he was jumped by a gang of nearly 20 people in a petty altercation that ended with Hill requiring surgery on his left eye to correct some of the damages inflicted on him. Around this time, Juga’s then-girlfriend got pregnant with their first of three children. To add to his stress, turmoil between Hill and His uncle forced him to move out and live in his 1987 Lincoln town car and subsequently, in transitional homes. This year marked a turning point in Juga Hill’s career. He needed to focus on being productive for his children and for himself. He focused his energy on music. Looking at his music career as a timeline, it is evident that Juga Hill is a different man now than he was just a few years ago.
Juga Hill has led a very full life filled with hardships and successes and uses his music as a form of therapy. He has coined the term "Medical Music" to describe the type of music he strives to create. The philosophy behind Medical Music is "music that heals negative minds with positive thoughts through therapeutic lyrics." Don't let the definition fool you. It is not soft-core hip-hop. Sometimes the stories are uplifting, sometimes they are sad or angry. The underlying theme is that the lyrics are honest, thereby allowing as many people as possible to relate to the music.
Juga Hill and Eustace Kalyan created Doctor's Office Entertainment 6 years ago, building the company on hard-work and true grit. The duo started by selling CDs out of a trunk all over the west coast in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Georgia and Texas. To date, they have sold over 100,000 albums using face-to-face street selling as the primary distribution channel. These hard working gentlemen show up before the events begin and don't leave until the last car has driven off the lot. There is an entire community being built around this music and the people of the community are proud participants. Juga Hill aspires to independently sell one million records while simultaneously raising peoples’ expectations with regards to the healing power music can have.