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Juggernott @ Rumors Bar

Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA

Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA

Juggernott @ Harrison's Tavern

Rosedale, Indiana, USA

Rosedale, Indiana, USA

Juggernott @ Northstar Tavern

Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Juggernott: Taking The Hill With New CD "Trenchcrawler".

Article by Laura Jenney

Of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions


Jacksonville, FL


One thing is for certain, trying to make it in the music industry is not for sissies! One must have not only what it takes when it comes to equal amounts of musical talent and professionalism, but also an extreme amount of dedication to the cause, an immense amount of fortitude to be able to both overcome all obstacles and withstand the blows, have a strong strategy for success, as well as an exceptionally tough musical product that out performs the vast amount of competition in the eyes and ears of

both the 'powers that be' within the music industry and with fans alike. It's nothing less than a battle to gain success in the music industry, within a war to maintain it.

One such band that has been forged by fire into one of the strongest heavy metal bands on the rise in the music industry today, and have definitely earned their stripes, is the band Juggernott, who has proven they have what it takes (and more), to 'take the hill' in the genre of heavy metal with their brand new independently produced CD, "Trenchcrawler".

Fans nationally and worldwide can attest that Juggernott's new CD "Trenchcrawler" delivers high caliber performances with superior fire power by all members of the band on this CD. However, Tracks 1 (title track), and Track 2, ("Read Em & Weep"), serves as prime examples of their ability to create their music with innate signature structure and style, (miles off the beaten path of the typical heavy metal structural sound), and pull it off with super tight precision and musical maneuverability. All throughout this CD, all three band members that makes up the band Juggernott deliver a surprise attack of impressive amounts of individual skill, tightness and solidity, while creating an extremely full sound for a band consisting of only three members.

Juggernott, which as the name implies, (as a juggernaut is defined as a "massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path"), are indeed living up to their name by defying all odds of rising to greatness in the music industry, coming from the very small, rural, Midwestern town of Rosedale, Indiana; to have gained a large and steadily growing fan base and a significant amount of recognition both all throughout the US and worldwide since the band formed in 1997. Their 'no surrender attitude' and determination also proves that the band Juggernott also has the dedication and fortitude it takes to make it in the music industry. This is a band that not only talks the talk, but are tough enough to walk the walk; and have acquired their share of battle scars along the way while gaining ground towards taking the hill in their rise to success in the music industry.

Juggernott's second CD, titled "Necessary Evil" released in 2004, gave the band plenty of heavy ammunition and morale needed to fight the battle, as after that CD was released, Juggernott gained rave reviews for their work on that outstanding CD all across the globe from fans, as well as in numerous esteemed music industry related publications, a significant amount of airplay on mainstream, internet and college radio stations everywhere, and even earned them the respect, alliances and recognition from a number of legendary headliners of the genre. Juggernott's third CD, "Trenchcrawler" has what it takes musically to provide them the reinforcements needed to gain for this band, even higher ground in the music industry.

The cool thing is, the whole message behind Juggernott's new "Trenchcrawler" CD is all about that battle, and provides morale and encouragement, (in a heavy metal sort of way), to others trying to make it in the music industry, and in all walks of life; to keep fighting the good fight, and to believe in yourself, and never to sell yourself short or out. In short, never surrender, as defeat is not an option.

Juggernott is:

Steve Lawrence~ Drums and Lead Vocals

Barry Bolinger~ Guitar and backing vocals.

Shane McWilliams~ Bass and backing vocals.

Juggernott's latest CD "Trenchcrawler" was recorded at Nottingham Studios, which is located in Rosedale, Indiana, and owned by Juggernott's lead vocalist/drummer Steve Lawrence, who is also the Executive Producer of this CD; which attests further to his many talents beyond being a formidable force as a drummer and skilled vocalist, but also his considerable talent as a producer.

Fans and music industry execs that have not yet heard tracks off of Juggernott's latest hard driving CD "Trenchcrawler" can do so by visiting Juggernott's official My Space site at: http://www.myspace.com/10juggernott01. One can also gain more info on the band, check out upcoming tour dates etc by visiting the same site.

Juggernott's "Trenchcrawler" was officially released on September 22, 2008, and is available for purchase now at CD Baby, DigStation, via Juggernott's official My Space site, and other internet purchasing outlets as they come aboard.

Juggernott is now seeking and accepting performance dates and sponsorship for their 2009 tour to promote their brand new CD, and would make an excellent opening act for any major headliner within the genre of heavy metal.

(As long as they are not scared of a little steep competition, as Juggernott knows how to work an audience as they are equally a force to be reckoned with on stage as they are in the studio.)

Interested venues, festival promoters and management of major headlining acts that would like Juggernott to open for them, can contact Juggernott's Management by phone at

812-208-4113 , 812-872-2031 , 812-201-9054

The band Juggernott would appreciate the opportunity to perform for fans on their upcoming tour all throughout the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Japan, Australia, and many European destinations including England, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Italy, and also Egypt, Brazil and Russia.

Juggernott has also expressed the desire and willingness to perform for US Military and Co-allition Forces stationed within the US and abroad.

Throughout the upcoming tour, Juggernott has in the works, the making of a DVD of the songs off of their "Trenchcrawler" CD performed live at various venues. The DVD which has an actual story line, is/will be narrated by Juggernott's Drummer/Lead Vocalist, Steve Lawrence, and will be videoing the DVD at all live upcoming concerts on this tour.

Juggernott's influences are: Rush, Pantera, Zack Wilde, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Black Label Society, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Dime Bag Darryl, Godsmack, Disturbed, AC/DC, Zebra, Anthrax, Rob Zombie, The Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top, Metallica, Tool, Megadeth, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden, amongst their many.

Juggernott fans nationally and worldwide can expect further articles to come on this band via Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions, as we will keep you posted on news and tour updates etc., in the very near future.

Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions' recommended tracks off this CD: Track 4, ("Nevermore/Snakebite"), Track 5, ("Pulsar"), Track 8, ("33 Pieces"), Track 9, ("W.T.F."), and especially Track 10, ("Back to Dust").

If you are a fan of a$$ kicking heavy metal, then resistance is futile, you've got to get this CD!

The End.

Best regards,

Laura Jenney
Executive Vice President, PR, Press & Media Relations Specialist
Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions
Manager of Florida office, Booking Agent, PR, Press & Media Relations Rep
T&T Management and Booking Agency

- Laura Jenney/Mindsweep Entertainment

Juggernott's New CD, "Necessary Evil" Delivers Metal with a Message.

Article by Laura Jenney
of _Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions_


Juggernaut: A massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that
crushes whatever is in its path. ...Webster's Dictionary

Sounds pretty mean huh? When it comes to excellent musicianship, tightly
executed performances both live and in the studio, in the genre of Heavy
Metal, the fast rising band Juggernott IS about as mean as it gets! And no
doubt, any fan of the band will tell you with a quickness that Juggernott is
indeed a massive musical inexorable force to be reckoned with! Incredibly bad
a$$ed in fact!

From the looks of the cover of Juggernott's brand new sizzling CD,
"Necessary Evil", they look even meaner! But if there is anything
connoisseurs of
great music (of all genres) know, it is never judge a CD by it cover. For as
amazingly tight, heart pounding and furious the chops of drummer and lead
vocalist Steve Lawrence are, and no matter how blistering the guitar
performances are of Barry Bollinger (also on vocals) are, and no matter how rugged a
thumping you experience from bassist Shane McWilliams, (also on vocals), with
Juggernott delivering metal performances at it's meanest, Juggernott's music
offers something to audiences that most bands of the genre don't. And that's
metal with a message! And in a world that is as messed up and mean as it is
today, that message is as original and right on time as the rhythms this
great band brings to the musical table, making Juggernott THE cuttting edge
band to catch, in the forefront of their genre of great bands on the rise within
the music industry today. (Which has got a multitude of fans and music
industry execs alike taking notice.)

That difference within the lyrics of Juggernott's music, which covers a
great deal of ground and reaches way down deep, ranging on subjects from the
spiritual to political and far beyond. One example is on the CD's second
track, "Quest For Comfort", where the subject of the song touches on (good
spiritual advice of) awareness of the spiritual significance of events in one's
life, and taking a stand from those ques, and making (positive) changes, and
not allowing yourself to lose your soul to the trappings of materialism in
one's comfort zone. Other tracks touching on the subject of corruption and urges
the listener to take a closer look at what is really going on in our
country and world today, and putting the pieces together in correlation of current
events, ...and so much more.

Even beyond Juggernott delivering the unique quality of 'metal with a
message' on their latest independently released CD, "Necessary Evil", the
molting hot brand of metal Juggernott is producing actually has amazing melodic
and down right genius mastery of musicianship throughout all tracks of this CD.
You've got to hear it to believe it!

Juggernot can be heard on rotation on mainstream, college and internet radi
o stations on many radio stations both throughout the US and worldwide. And
one can check out Juggernott further by visiting their official website at:
_www.juggernott.com/_ (http://www.juggernott.com/) or listen to the band by
visiting their My Space site at: _www.myspace.com/10juggernott01_
(http://www.myspace.com/10juggernott01) . (And about a cajillion other places on the

Juggernott's CD "Necessary Evil" can be purchased via Juggernott's
official website, or on numerous other CD purchasing sites on the internet as well.

Juggernott is currently accepting dates for bookings on their tour to
promote their sizzling latest CD release "Necessary Evil", and are willing and

dedicated enough to travel on their tour wherever fans take them. They are
especially contemplating touring Europe, after touring the US, as they would
love to perform in such countries and places as England, Scottland, Amsterdam,
Germany, Spain, Italy, all of Europeand Japan. Guitarist Barry Bollinger,
is looking forward to checking out the Southern US, and would love to perform
Nashville. Drummer Steve Lawrences' personal touring goal is to perform at
OZ Fest.

To book Juggernott, contact their representative at
_booking@juggernott.com_ (mailto:representativebooking@juggernott.com) or by phone at

While Juggernott is gathering up dates for their upcoming tour to promote
the sizzling CD "Necessary Evil", they are getting busy putting together
their next CD, which is expected even hotter! Their next CD will be titled,
"Trench Crawler" which drummer Steve Lawrence describes as sticking to your
no matter what adversity you face, and following your dreams no matter what!
Which also captures the true essence of Juggernott.

As both a fan of great music and as a music industry exec, I am totally
impressed with this band, as all 3 members of this band are incredibly skilled
as musicians, though admittedly, I am especially awed with drummer Steve
Lawrence, who can stand up and surpass the talent of most any drummer headlining
in the music industry today! No kidding, Steve IS that amazing! And
manages to pull off this brilliance while belting out a mean lead on vocals! It's
not rocket surgery for any music industry exec to see the vast marketing
potential of this truly outstanding band, and as both a PR and Media Relations
Specialist (_Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions_
(http://www.freewebs.com/mindsweepentertainment/index.htm) ) and as a Booking Agent for

_T&T Management and Booking Agency_ (http://tntbooking.com/index.html) , I
can definitely see Juggernott headed straight to the top in the not so distant
future. (Knowing they probably would have already been there if they were
not from way back in the sticks, corn and soybean fields of very rural
Indiana, where they have not received nearly the exposure they deserve, and there
is not exactly a music industry exec searching for talent between every row.
I feel thankful to longtime good friend CB Lawrence, Steve Lawrence's cousin
who turned me on to the band.)

The fact that Juggernott has gained and is maintaining a very large,
strong and growing fan base, and has maintained an impressive margin of CD sales
worldwide, all on their own thus far, especially for a band that has risen
so far so fast out of the beautiful but very rural heartland of the US, and is
overcoming all the obstacles one faces while trying to make it in the music
industry, (which is certainly not for the faint of heart,) when all the odds
were stacked against them, indeed proves the band Juggernott is indeed a
massive inexorable force and has what it takes to live up to their name!


Note to esteemed members of the press and media:
Through the PR and Media Relations services of _Mindsweep Entertainment &
Promotions_ (http://www.freewebs.com/mindsweepentertainment/index.htm)
,working closely and directly with, and in conjunction with Juggernott, we are
seeking and certainly appreciate appearances and features by members of the
press and media, (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and e-zines), for Juggernott.
If you wish to feature this article in your publications, feel free to, and
know this is greatly appreciated. If you otherwise wish to feature them for
your publication or for TV and/or Radio appearances, please contact PR and
Media Relations Specialist, Laura Jenney of _Mindsweep Entertainment &
Promotions_ (http://www.freewebs.com/mindsweepentertainment/index.htm) at
(904)-378-8357, or by e-mail at VPofMindsweep_@aol.com_ (mailto:VPofMindsweep@aol.com)
, and we will be glad to make arrangements.
For those who do wish to feature this article in your publications, or
feature Juggernott as a guest on their programming, as a token of our
apreciation for doing so, we will post a "thank you" on the
_Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions- News & Reviews_
(http://www.freewebs.com/mindsweepentertainment/newsreviewsexecutives.htm) page of our
as well as on Mindsweep Entertainment& Promotions' MySpace site
_www.myspace.com/mindsweepentertainment_ (http://www.myspace.com/mindsweepentertainment) .

Thank you very much, and have a great day!

Best regards,

Laura Jenney,

Executive Vice President / PR and Media Relations Specialist

_Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions_
Booking Agent
_T&T Management and Booking Agency_ (http://tntbooking.com/index.html)

- Laura Jenney/Mindsweep Entertainment


Dogma (full c.d.) - 1999
Necessary Evil (full c.d.) - 2004
Trenchcrawler (full c.d.) - 2008



JUGGERNOTT is a three-piece power trio with a huge sound. Their new C.D. "Trenchcrawler" is a ground-pounding assault designed to tear your head clean off. Their screaming riffs are fueled by the virtuoso musicianship of Barry Bolinger on guitar, Shane McWilliams on bass and the spine tingling vocal prowess of drummer Steve Lawrence. Their bold lyrics speak of personal liberation, strength, stamina, awareness and confidence. During their live shows Juggernott electrifies audiences with their high-voltage energy and aggresive charisma.