This is a real indie rock band whose natural habitat is the stage. Their gigs are really powerful and convincing. With two released albums in Spain, Jugoplastika is a reference in the Spanish indie scene. They have played with bands like ash, The Hives, The Wedding Present...


Jugoplastika was born three years ago in Madrid. With their first demo recorded by Paco Loco, one of the most prestigious producers in Spain (he has worked with Steve Wynn, Gary Louris, Josh Rouse...), they started to get known all over Spain, playing in some of the most important Spanish Festivals like FestimadĀ“05 (with Incubus, Marilyn Manson, The Hives...). In 2006 they released their first album with an indie label (JUNK Records) and toured all around Spain. That summer, they played in the Art and Music Festival in Croatia. In 2007 they continued touring from january to october playing in big festivals as Sonorama (Ash, The Diveine Comedy...). In november, they recorded their second album with Paco Loco again. This album, released in april 2008, was mastered in New York by Nathan James and got really good reviews in Spain. Now, they are working on their third album.


Jugoplastika (2006, JUNK Records)
The 6th is the 7 (2008, Astro Discos)

Set List

We usually play around 2 or 3 songs from our first album, around 7 from our second album, 3 new songs and one cover, Homeboy from Adorable. But we donĀ“t have a closed set list, we usually change it.