Barrie, Ontario, CAN

Ever been hit by a train going 200 miles per hour? No? Then you've never seen heavy metal band JUGULAR perform! We like our music loud and fast, and we like to keep the energy going onstage and in the audience! We play heavy metal the way it's supposed to be!!


Really just starting out in 2006, the idea of this band has been running strong since the fall of 2001
when Jordan was given a CD to listen to, which would change his view on music forever. The band's name
was Metallica and the song was called "No Leaf Clover". This eventually led Jordan onto more of what
metal had to offer his thirteen year-old mind, and would lead him to pursuing a career in music.

Starting high school in 2002, he got his first guitar, a Mansfield electric. So he plugged into his
karaoke machine and began to learn more songs. Over the course of his grade 9 year, he had a "band"
with Robbie Fitzgerald and Dustin Pomeroy, lead guitar and drums respectively. They never jammed at
all, and it wasn't until grade 10 that he began jamming. In grade 8, Jordan had met up with Robert
Russell, a fan of Black Sabbath, so in grade 10 they decided to join forces and make a band. As of this
time they were calling themselves "Ominous", but first they needed a full band. Rob knew a drummer
named Dave Salis, so the three jammed for a few months, but not really accomplishing much, but still
had their fun.

Near April, Rob decided a metal band was not what he needed, so he left. The coffee house was around
the corner, and Jordan and Dave needed a lead guitarist. Cameron Mahon was pouched, but only lasted
for that one gig. Being in the same class as, Jordan and Andrew Gauci decided to make a band together
and so Jordan, Dave and Andy began to jam, but to be in a full band, the three needed a fourth
member, a bassist named Andrew Brown, who was found because Jordan failed his grade 10 much class, and
needed to go to summer school. The four only jammed once in August, but the feeling of a full band
was more than enough. Jordan had but one taste, and needed his fix. They had re - worked some of
Jordan's old songs. Andrew moved away, Dave was kicked out, so the two brought in Dustin yet again.
It was the beginning of November, and they planned on playing the coffee house but Andy was
unsatisfied, citing that he felt he did not fit in with all the metal heads within the band, so he
left. Jordan had one week before the coffee house, but luckily Dustin had a brother who played the
bass, and a buddy who played guitar, their names were Jordan Bahlmann and Steve Pisani, respectively.

In one week the four learned the set list for the coffee house, played the show, and got to know each
other. The set list was comprised of only Metallica songs and the band basically banned electric
guitars and amps from the coffee house. They were literally "Too Loud For The Coffee House". After the
coffee house, they soon began to jam on the three songs from the previous incarnation of "Ominous", but
one member only wanted to jam on Metallica songs, so Dustin was kicked out, not only for that reason,
but also personal problems between Jordan and him, so around January 2005, they were in need of a
drummer, and in April, Steve decided to play drums, as it would be harder to find a drummer than a
lead guitarist.

In May, Steve brought in Matt Sergi to play lead guitar, so the four practiced for the battle of the
bands at Bear Creek, they played only originals. They went on to Barrie North, and played five
originals. Soon after Steve and Matt would quit the band, and unimpressed with Jordan Bahlmann's
dedication, Jordan let Bahlmann go. This brings us to October 18th, 2005, the first jam session with
Jordan Grimbly and Travis Williams on drums, the two hit it off instantly. In late November they
prepared to play the battle of the bands on December 06th at Jordan's school. Jordan asked Steve Pisani
if he could fill in on lead guitar duties for the show, and Steve accepted, Jordan Bahlmann was brought
into the group again on bass guitar. So with the two weeks practice, the band got on stage to play for
300 students for a head banging good time. After a January show at The Foundation Night Club, Travis
Williams left on March 15th due to Jordan Bahlmann's lack of appearances at certain jam sessions, and
for this reason, Bahlmann was yet again given the boot.

Then in May, without a band left, Jordan called upon Dustin Pomeroy for drumming duties once again,
although previous to band in 2004, they decided to put their differences aside to make a metal band.
Without a bass player, Jordan found a guy named Tom Bondyra who played the bass guitar and asked him
to join the band. After two jam sessions, the band had three songs under its belt, something unheard
of previously before. The band then got Jamie Stewart as Lead Guitarist and they were on there way.
Next up was a Tornado of shows, as the band also practiced their craft to record their debut E.P at
T.J's School of Music in November 2006.

On May 27th, 2007, Jugular decided that the band should go on without Dustin Pomeroy and asked back
up drummer named Dan Lesperance who was supposed to repla


Metal For The Damned EP (2006)
Metal For The Damned LP (2007)
Unleash The Beast EP (2008)

Set List


Metal for the Damned
Rapture High
The Nightmare
Resounding Death
Louder Than Leather
Mayhem of Metal
Heavier Than Time
When the Night is Young
Guardians of Metal
Hounds of Hell
Heavy Metal Law
Unleash the Beast
The Catcher in the Rye
The Devil Incarnated
Wreaking Havoc

**We can play covers**