Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach


Juhu Beach reminds you that life could be easier, but it’s not.


Juhu Beach has been making sounds with varying degrees of success since September of 2004 in Seattle, WA. Their goal is to take what they can from their heroes and try to create something that could only be Juhu Beach. When they feel that they have breached that plane, they'll sing songs of Jubilee from every mountain top. If and when that time arrives -- write, play shows, record, tour and write until they get it right. So it goes.


Demo II(2005)
Demo (2005)
Scenes of Abandoned Industry EP (2007)


Set List

Juhu Beach's 45-50 minute set list of original music is as follows:

- The Million
- But the The Captain's Still Out There
- The Catalyst
- Scenes Of Abandoned Industry
- Empty Coil
- Hibernating Mammals
- Ill-informed Yet Heavily Armed
- I've heard you're as good as dead
- The Kids These Days
- Less Impressive Organisms
- A Narrow Escape (From A Promising Life)
- Old Crimes
- We Gladly Accept Your Resignation

Juhu Beach does not currently do any covers.
Juhu Beach can alter the set list to fit time constraints.