Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Juice is a musical pipe bomb: an explosion of energy and invention. We make music the hard way--whether climbing xylophones, inventing and reinventing instruments, impersonating percussion, or battling with poles, electronics, or cellos--fusing everything together in one electrifying show.


A Juice performance is an exploration of sound and a thrilling show. We mix intense percussion with an infusion of guitars, electronics, didgeridoos, drainage pipe, cellos, and more (plus a spark of humor) while creating works of art on stage. We bring our many and varied talents together to create unique music with kinetic instrumentation, choreography, and amazing visual effects.

Juiceā€™s music and choreography come entirely from within the group. Most of us have worked together for several years as part of a student performance group at the University of Michigan that inspired our present endeavor. We have experience arranging pieces for ensembles ranging in size from two to over thirty people, as well as creating and constructing new instruments of all kinds and performing collaborations with other music and dance groups. We draw on our various backgrounds in symphonic band, electronic music, marching band, orchestra, vocal performance, DJ-ing, theater, dance, design and art. We have combined the wide spectrum of our talents and interests into a cohesive whole and a show that no other group can provide.

Set List

A set list for any show will depend on the venue and show length and requirements. Our songs range from 5+ minutes to short, transitional songs with just one to all 9 performers. Here's a sampling of songs from recent shows:

1. Rocktot: intense percussion grooves with performers racing between multiple drum pods
2. Monkey Ladders: tall, climbable vertical xylophones
3. Drumnostrum: drumming on a trio of guitars
4. Cellotank: melodic hand drumming on modified propane tanks, cellos, and percussion
5. Human Drumset
6. Blue Can Group: stomping on giant rain barrels
7. Psychostick: the percussive pole battle
8. A Series of Tubes: eerie whirly tubes, boomwhackers, and pipes

+many, many more exciting and unexpected songs!