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"He's a lyrical genius"- DMC "This kid is hip-hop"- KRS-1 "I would never battle JUICE!!"- Kanye West


That star with mass appeal, has arrived to breathe new life into rap music and restore order to hip-hop culture.

His razor sharp lyrics and countless flows have been respected by his major label peers for years. He is even more amazing live, having won numerous emcee battles across the country.

But after enjoying huge regional success, JUICE is now stepping directly into the national spotlight with a slew of highly anticipated releases slated for 2011/2012.

With its diverse blend of flows and styles, 'New Money' has all-star artists like Sean Paul agreeing that it's "The best mixtape [he] ever heard!" - while DMC (RUN-DMC) simply marvels at its lyrical content.

'All Bets Off' was released to stunning reviews. JUICE‘s first single, the gritty street anthem “What Up”, received heavy radio and club play in the midwest & west coast.

A true global personality, JUICE has a deep-rooted background in hip-hop. The witty, charismatic, street rapper with a conscience, will have millions of fans hanging off his every line for years to come.

Come take a walk into the mind of the self-proclaimed “Rap Hemingway”... JUICE


NOW: "The Gift" album (CMC)
Release date: 12/25/2011

2006 "New Money" mix-tape (CMC)

2005 "All Bets Off” album (CMC)

2005 “Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme” DVD

2004 "Get Ready" single f/ Twista, Malik Yusef, Carl Tomas & Marvo - My Baby’s Daddy Soundtrack (Paragon/Universal)

2003 "Tip of the Iceberg” (CMC)

2003 "Listen2ThaWerdz" (CMC)

2001 "100% JUICE" mix-tape (NuGruv Alliance)

Set List

Set Length: from 30-60 minutes, depending on the promoter / venue requirements

A typical set consists of several original JUICE songs possibly with a few mind-blowing freestyles, if so inclined.