Juice McCain

Juice McCain

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopR&B

The New Breath of the West Coast!


Richard Evans possessed the intense passion, the ardent lyricism, and the continuous support from his peers as an aspiring musician. These elements combined eventually motivated him to track down rapper The Game and personally hand him a demo. Now better known as his stage name "Juice McCain," he proves to be an unstoppable force with the encouragement from his famous mentor, captivating records, and lyrics that touch the soul of any listener.

Juice McCain's short time in the industry has already led him on a myriad of successes that most rapper could only dream of achieving. He has been featured on tracks with superstar rappers Nas, Lil Wayne, and Ice Cube. In addition, multi-talented act Kanye West has even produced his breakthrough single "We Rollin." In just a few years, he has done two U.S. tours and world tours throughout China, Africa, Europe, and many more. He also has been featured in renowned hip-hop publications XXL and Source, and has even performed at the 1st Annual BET Hip Hop Awards.

As an artist currently affiliated with The Game's Black Wall Street label, Juice continues to display the purpose behind his flourishing career. The two even appeared on famous late night show David Letterman together. He truly emblazons with pride his self-proclaimed nicknames the "Arizona crown-holder" and "New Breath of the West Coast."

The Pennsylvania-born but Arizona raised Juice McCain ultimately caught the attention of The Game after going to great lengths to give him a demo as well as freestyle for him. The rest, as they say, is history. The Game immediately took Juice McCain on tour and signed him the following day.

Juice McCain currently has three released mixtapes called Death Certificate, Position of Power and American Me, which were subsequently released in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Death Certificate garnered so much attention that it was nominated for 4 Justo Awards including Mixtape of the Year. American Me received over 1.25 million downloads. Juice McCain is currently hard at work on two upcoming mixtapes American Me 2 and Position of Power 2, and his debut album The Anticipated.

Juice McCain's powerful verses and strong passion for the industry heavily influence his talent. He exhibits debonair characteristics, yet a cutting-edge swag that comes to life in each song. A star has definitely been born.


"Death Certificate"
"Position of Power"
"American Me"
"AM2 - The Progression"
"AM3 - Coming Soon!"