juicy k and the sloppy seconds

juicy k and the sloppy seconds


super ultra-fresh funk/rock/jam experience


JK2S combines innovative guitar playing, over the top bass grooves, and powerful invigorating drum beats. Coupled with semi-political/metaphysical lyrics this creates an eclectic vibration that blows you away from the push of play. JK2S imparts their own creative expression onto the world with their clever sounds, technically proficient playing and seasoned songwriting.

With ages ranging from 23 to 32 and diverse influences they are able to entertain a wide variety of musical palettes. “‘There’s no room for modesty in the arts.’ A wise man once told me that, so we do what we do and we do it with gusto.” Says Kyle Madeya, bass and vocalist in the band. “I knew we had great chemistry from the start”

“We love playing open air festivals, although we feel just as comfortable in a club setting.”JK2S has been on the bill with the likes of deodato, and rick derringer, while supporting local acts as well. They are looking to broaden their fanbase by playing new venues and expanding their internet presence as much as possible. The Juice is currently working on their debut album, “chocolate covered tyranny” and making their mark on the music scene!!!


10 track all original LP "chocolate covered tyranny" in progress

Set List

we have two typical types of set lists- 100% original music or some other split fraction involving covers, depending on the venue. an original set list would look like this:

Breath out
Duece bodies
Sugar plums
The Devine
Down the Line
In control
FEMA's Flex
21 Days
Gather Round

A typical cover set list may include songs from bands such as Primus, Sublime, The Doors, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, RHCP as well as many others.