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Juke Wong

Darien, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | SELF

Darien, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Hip Hop R&B




"JIGGY Hip Hop Write Up"

The more I learn about the Denver hip hop scene, the more I realize just how slept on it is. TEJ is the latest Colorado artist to catch my attention and his new project BREAKFASTFORDINNER is some of the best hip hop to come out of the state in a little while. Featuring a plethora of styles and sounds, the 9 track tape goes from catchy and upbeat to hard hitting while still maintaining that ear catching nature, showing that TEJ is one of the most versatile artists in the state.

Another thing that stands out on BREAKFASTFORDINNER is the chemistry between TEJ and producer Lucas DePante. The formidable duo managed to create a cohesive yet vibrantly eclectic project that is an excellent display of both artists’ skills and its clear they bring out the best in each other. DePante’s beats balance TEJ’s harmonic vocals and impressive verses with precision, making it obvious that this was a deliberate project with a thought out, thorough vision that hits the mark beautifully. Listen to all of BREAKFASTFORDINNER below and start paying attention to TEJ, he’s got the talent to be one of the state’s best hip hop artists. - JIGGY Hip Hop

"Swidlife Write Up"

There are artists who always jump into fashion once they get the ball running in music. Then there are artist like TEJ. Designer turned rapper. Very green, but very versatile, very early on.

BREAKFASTFORDINNER is TEJ’s inauguration onto the music scene both in Colorado as well as North Carolina. Back in July, he released his debut EP “Dracos & Dragons” which gave some rays of hope in terms of potential with fierce tracks like “5ive Star Freestyle.” The improvement in 3 short months is something you can not ignore from the start. The mixtape begins with TEJ setting a cocky but very respected intro “Awaken” with lines like “Most of you n***** is queens, grew up in Queens, moved to NC you was 3, sound like you frauding to me” .The outro of the track has a great switch up by producer Lucas DePante, who is the co-star of the project.

Lucas is responsible for all production on the mixtape & the duo showcase the organic connection they have from start to finish. “Crvzy” is a perfect example of Lucas & TEJ turning the viewers energy with the melodic, catchy chorus. Tracks like “Layover Freestyle” & “Primetime” are the standouts of the project with major replay & radio value.

The biggest surprise is TEJ switching the skill halfway through with songs like “Motion” and “Trance.” They give off the dancehall/ R&B vibes that set the nighttime drive for the listener. The strong finish is with “X Friends” which provided the strongest feature from LesTheGenius, as they trade verses discussing the daily feeling of betrayed friendship.

All in all, BREAKFASTFORDINNER shines the light on TEJ which is a bright future as he gifts the audience with every vibe. Whether you want defiant flows such as “Sweet Chin Muzik” and “Slick Rick Owens” or the 2 AM vibe on tracks like “CNA,” TEJ & Lucas have gifted an elastic project for fans. With TEJ plotting on music videos for “Layover Freestyle” and “Slick Rick Owens,” this release is just brewing up to catch fire. Check out the new project down below. - Swidlife

"Lyrical Lemonade Write Up"

I apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this one, but not too long ago Chicago artist Gold Haze released a brand new project titled “More Than Gold”. I have grown to know Gold Haze as an amazing R&B singer and producer who can grace other peoples songs + make them that much better, and his solo material has been more than impressive in the past so I couldn’t wait to jump into this new project and see what it was all about. Gold Haze definitely flexed his amazing R&B sound on this project but one thing that I thought was dope was that he showed off his rapping abilities more than I have heard in the past, and although I knew he could spit, he blew me away with how good he was rapping here. Musically, not many can create as ear-pleasing material as Gold Haze seems to do again and again, and he came through here with an all-around solid project!

production from Darrion Jackson, Dom J, Solo, Juke Wong, 99, Gold Haze, Jerrico Beats, *TRPHY, Kilt Karter

Executive produced by Josi Green - Lyrical Lemonade

"iLLANoize Write Up"

Flex jumps in his bag with his new release "Persona" produced by Juke Wong which happens to be his second delivery of his #FLEXFRIDAYS in which his promises new music every week. Persona and his first release Run are available on all streaming platforms......Tune in. - iLLANoize


Bobo - Jiggaboo
Bobo - Jefe
FLEX - Run
FLEX - Persona
FLEX - Thanks For Asking
Gold Haze - Palm Trees
Swank Sinatra - Closed Mouths
Teejay Mafioso - Same House 4.0 (Feat. Lgado)
Teejay Mafioso - Same House
Juke Wong - Money Calling
Eli Sostre - Unreleased
Lil Blessin - UNH UNH



Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Juke Wong taught himself how to produce in 2015 when he became inspired after hearing Drake and Future's "What A Time To Be Alive". Juke prides himself on not limiting his beats to one particular sound, as he can create any type of vibe for any type of artist. From uptempo and heavy hitting trap beats, to melodic R&B, to even London UK Drill, Juke has created a unique sound that has gotten approval and co-signs from industry names like Metro Boomin and Eli Sostre. Began to start learning how to mix while at Jungle AE studios, taught by Lex Cruz. 

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