Jukebox Collective

Jukebox Collective


Jukebox Collective is a medley of classic and modern instruments underpinned by classic English song writing and spirit. There is an emphasis on the exploration of pop music, where it's come from and where it is heading.


Keegan and Sewell met in East London 2008. They had both been from the same jukebox collective is made up of four musicians, meddling in synths and samplers one week, and in guitars and tambourines the next. it started out with kev and greg, both east londoners, writing a handful of songs in greg's bedroom in the winter of 2008. their mutual love of lcd soundsystem, the ramones and television brought together varied approaches to songwriting and recording. some songs were knocked out over a pint, others were intricately recorded over the course of a few weeks in various locations. local friends josh and zara joined them in 2009 after which the band was complete.


7" & download - Black Light - sup001 (2009)