"And I have to say; JUKE! is the most charming band on earth! Yeah! Why don't people try to be as charming as they? Oh man, the world would be a great place to be, if everyone lived like them. Yeah!" - Lucy Lou of Norway


JUKE! was created by Jay and Zuke, during the infamous winter '06 parties of the South Wedge. Originally a guitar/keyboard duo, the guys first wrote "Risky Party" after a long drunken evening. Eventually, the guys became a guitar duo, writing songs about their surroundings and experiences in their very unique lyrical style. JUKE! is Jay and Zuke, and live performances include other musicians.


Coming soon: the debut album:

Sleeve of Crackers

Set List

JUKE! has over 30 originals

covers from artists such as:

The Beatles
Frank Zappa
Ray LaMontagne
Mike Gordon
and more