Julean and the Rai
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Julean and the Rai

San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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- Darlene (LP, 2011)
*several songs receiving radio & streaming airplay.

- Disconnect (Demo EP, 2009)

- Live at the Lizard King, Poland (Live Double LP, 2009)

- Here. (European release of the "Darlene" LP, 2008)
*several songs receiving radio & streaming airplay.

- Live at Monkey Chews, London (Live EP, 2007)

- Alexandria, Falling (Concept LP, 2007)
*several songs receiving radio & streaming airplay.

- Muse Tree (LP. 2007)
*several songs receiving radio & streaming airplay.

- Live at the Baggott Inn, NYC (Live LP, 2007)
*several songs receiving radio & streaming airplay.

- The New York State Demos (Demo EP, 2006)

- Some Plans (Demo EP, 2005)

- Live at The Epic Cafe, Tucson AZ (Live LP, 2005)

- The Muse Tree Demos (Demo LP, 2003)

- The Windfall EP (Demo EP, 2001)

- AXIS1 (Demo EP, 1999)

- Logical Muse (Demo EP, 1999)\



Whether a 3-piece, 9-piece, or just him alone, Julean and the Rai expands to a stageful of musicians or contracts to a solitary songwriter; as Julean’s unique, dynamic and intense performing style and difficult-to-place genre makes a live solo show as interesting and riveting as a full performing band.

2008's European release of “Here.” marked Julean and the Rai’s first entrance into the listening mainstream, rapidly gaining audiences and notoriety with such songs as “Darlene” and “Sin”, as well as from the title track of their Arabic / Indian themed instrumental album, “Alexandria Falling”. With fifteen albums, EPs, and live LPs already under their belt — and seven more full-length albums waiting in the wings — Julean and the Rai split the entirety of their time between touring, traveling, and recording in the studio.

Julean Rai describes himself as a “wolf”: intelligent, loyal, charming, and primal; and the music he creates speaks as much to this as does a howl to the pack. With a soul that screams to be heard, Julean’s has been picked up from the ghettos of Romania to the streets of Poland, to the bars and clubs of New York, to the festival stage. A consummate poet, multi-instrumentalist, and classically-trained stage performer, Julean’s dues were underway as a teen and continue today. Julean is often known for shedding his status as a performer on the stage for the adventure of the open road, often using his guitar and skills as a performer to pave the way. These seemingly-calculated gambits have allowed Julean Rai to create sturdy and loyal pockets of regional fan bases in over six countries and a dozen U.S. states, including New York City, Krakow, Tucson, Austin; London. After his most recent return to the United States from Eastern Europe Julean, himself, is thirty-three.