Julie Corbalis

Julie Corbalis

 New York City, New York, USA

Julie Corbalis is a New York City singer/songwriter who released her 3rd studio album (her first solo project) in Fall 2008. "Old Flames and New Names" is a collection of largely acoustic, passionate, original tunes. Please see www.juliecorbalis.com for current gig schedule.


My name is Julie Corbalis. For the last 10 years, family, friends, and lovers have made their ways into my song lyrics. Like flowers, some of our relationships were cultivated and coaxed toward sunlight with thoughtful encouragement and practical decisions. Others managed to flourish keeping hydrated with a little beer and light from the bulbs on the Triboro Bridge. Both are the stars of my songs; the reasons I write.

My most recent CD “Old Flames & New Names” (released in November 2008) is a ten track set of soulful, acoustic rock. While all 3 of my CD's enjoy steady sales through itunes, CDBaby, and gigs, “Old Flames” has recently been featured in NY newspapers and the tracks “Johnny & June” and “Broadway” were played on the NYC radio stations WHUD (100.7), THE PEAK (107.1), and college radio. My website, www.juliecorbalis.com, averages 23,000 hits a month. I have been featured in 3 prominent singer/songwriter showcases at the national venues The Bitter End, NYC, The Towne Crier in Pawling, NY, and 2009's Pleasantville Music Festival, in Westchester, NY. Fans have compared the vibe of the tunes from "Old Flames" to the early, rootsy, Sheryl Crow, and the honest storyteller, Carole King.

Prior to "Old Flames" I released two successful indie pop/rock albums with the quartet Jules & the Family. Our tracks have been played on public, private, and internet radio throughout the US, Europe and Japan.

All three of my albums have different feels and sounds to them, however, they all share the same storyteller. Like everyone, I had much to learn over the last decade, and the lyrics on each record reflect some of the changes that one goes through as she progresses through her 20’s. These albums take the listener on the journey I’ve been on, and hopefully provide the soundtrack to his or her passage.


Johnny & June

Written By: Julie Corbalis

Sittin’ here just thinkin’ ‘bout old Johny and fair June
Don’t know much about their lives ‘cept for music and the blues
Don’t know if they knew Elvis, or they cared about the war
Or was it just about the bottle, and the bed and the crowd’s roar?
Something tells me 50 years of playin’s made her hard
Hardened to the sound of John’s guitar
Music always got us through the most important years
Me and Chris thru middle school and high school’s constant tears
When it was done I turned to run to the city’s outstretched arms
Where I could be a stranger in an overstuffed train car
Something tells me 13 years of playin’s made me hard
Hardened to the sound of my guitar
To play and sing gets old real quick when the memories run dry
Or when you just don’t feel like resurrecting the same old fucking guy
I’d rather just sit back relax and drink here at this bar
Content to hear some other girl’s guitar
Still have yet to figure out if June and John prevail
Did they learn to balance love and life and living hell?
They must have both accepted that their lives were not their own
Just did as was expected with guitars and the open road
And knowing their affect on us would keep the story told
They never did complain or walk away from who they are
Guess I’ll go and grab that old guitar

Should've Stayed Away

Written By: Julie Corbalis

I try not to go to the West Side no more
Cuz it just reminds me of drinking with you
Today when I got on that Crosstown I got that old feeling
That you’re just a mystery, and I just ignore all the clues
Now I always knew that you were a bad boy
Stories of old flames and new names jumped from your lips
Don’t ask me why you’re so appealing
It’s just the right combination that I can’t resist
Well I should’ve stayed away from you (2X)
Cuz it never mattered that you didn’t love me
I don’t think you saw me that way
And on the night you asked me to stay, I should’ve stayed away
Now I set aside all my good judgment
Traveled Uptown on the subway, on Halloween night
After my 2 drinks I leaned ‘cross the bar to say goodbye
And you said, “honey please don’t leave, please stay the night.”
Now I lie awake in this windowless room
It’s become so apparent that I’m such a fool
And on the night you asked me to stay I should’ve stayed away


Written By: Julie Corbalis

I’ve been meaning to call but your light ain’t never on
Just a faint silhouette by the light of your TV set
I keep my curtains tied up don’t know if you ever noticed this
I keep the windows open so my cats can size up all your fish
Though I try not to stand by the window
in case my man finds me lookin’ out for you
Out on Broadway
We walk down Broadway
Stumble down Broadway
No need for the subway
I’m not sure it’s ok that I watch you some days from this penthouse fire escape
I bet as you walk down below that you don’t even know that I recognize your date
Now you’re just wonderin’ where ya heard this here guitar
on your way home from my favorite bar
If you listen when you walk right by my house
then you know it’s you I sing about
Sometimes as the cars go drivin’,
planes fly overhead
I wonder why I’m so undercover
Why can’t I just call you instead?

Turn Away

Written By: Julie Corbalis

Sleep through the good times
wake for the end
and hope that the things you missed
will come 'round again

'Cause you keep saying you'll be there
but then you don't come
When was the moment you learned
your actions show love?

If you see me now, I don't know if I could ask that you turn away

Sometimes I think that you tried
though obstacles stood in your way
hiding behind the fact that you're tired
don't cut it for children who wait

And so this is Christmas
as Yoko and John used to sing
and I'm almost happy and free
except for one thing

If you see me now, I don't know if I could ask that you turn away

I told myself so many times
I got someone better than you
He came to me as a child
picked me up, put me to bed
Sometimes people ask, "Is that your real dad?"
What they don't understand: it's all about love.

If you see me now, I don't know if I could ask that you turn away


2008 "Old Flames & New Names"
2007 "Border Radio"
2005 "Jules and the Family"

Set List

Classic and Original Rock and Roll. Anything from a 4 hour ALL original night to an acoustic gig (solo, duo or trio). Julie also does classic pop and rock covers from the 50's thru today, including tunes from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Janis Joplin, Van Morrison, Dolly Parton, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, John Prine, Sheryl Crow, Sam Cooke and MANY more.